Where Are All The Kids With Down Syndrome?

So I was thinking this morning. Where are all the Beautiful Babies/Kids with Down Syndrome in the Media? Why are our kids absent from all of the Cereal Boxes, Television Commercials, TV, Movies, Newspapers, Magazines etc? Where are they? Why are their faces absent from all of the toy boxes? We were at Target yesterday in the Toy Aisle and I was amazed, there wasn't one single kid/baby with anything other than the Stereotypical Face on any of the packages! What is going on? No Wonder our kids don't know how to react when they see children that are different! We hide them! Our favorite brands that we support, toys that we buy, Clothing, shoes, games, shows that we watch, magazines we read, etc, all have our kids missing from the ad campaigns. Where's the National Coverage they deserve?!

Why? I guess the same could be said of all kids who are different. Is it that the Advertising Companies think we can't handle diversity? I think we can. I know it would bring a smile to a lot of Parents faces (not just parents of kids with T-21) but all parents. Because all parents have kids who may be overweight, too many freckles, big ears, big nose, too short, too tall, too skinny, bad skin, red hair etc. Everyone knows what it's like to be that kid who was made fun of or to know the kid that was made fun of. Is that why we are trying to create the perfect baby? Is it that all of these "Adults" in charge of making decisions and discoveries are really those Awkward, geeky, funny looking kids who grew up and are now trying to make it so no one else ever has to be made fun of? Well, the only reason kids are made fun of, is because parents teach them that it's ok. Kids who learn that it's UNACCEPTABLE, will not make fun of other kids. It is our responsibility to raise Conscientious, Sensitive human beings who know how to treat one another. All our kids need to do though, is turn on the nightly news and they will quickly see a bunch of adults acting like children, making fun of each other and insulting one another. Showing only Horrifying, negative stories. This is what we teach, this is what gets passed on. Us Parents, really need to pay attention! It's a lot to think about.

I want my kid on a Cereal box, toy carton, clothing ad. Why? Because he deserves to be seen in all of his beauty for the rest of the world to know, it's ok to be different!

By The Way, Wouldn't it be great if we got rid of the Term Down Syndrome, and Called it "T-21". Doesn't that sound way cooler? Let's start that! "T-21, it's kind fun!", or "T-21, it's all in the Extra One!" That's my next campaign! (Whew!)


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