Is Our Thinking The Only Real Disability?

I woke up this morning thinking about how the word "Disability" is tossed around so easily and effortlessly. After speaking with my Sister-In-Law (She Teaches Autistic Children) on the phone yesterday, and telling her about how important it is we All Discuss the Issue of this Prenatal Testing, I had some more ideas. I have been going over and over my presentation that I will give to Labor & Delivery Nurses, Doctors, Genetic Counselors etc. so I write down every idea and thought I have regarding the subject of prenatal testing and how parents receive the information that something may be "different" with their unborn baby. I picture myself standing in front of Hundreds of Doctors, asking them different questions. Many people are intimidated by Doctors, and as a Whole this Profession can be intimidating to some people. Unfortunately, we all know Doctors who can be very Short, Curt, Condescending and Rushed with us. Of course there are Doctors who can be calming, patient and understanding, but this isn't really for them. I can't wait for the chance to speak to as many Health Care Professionals as Possible. I truly, can't wait!

I picture myself asking the Room full of Doctors Questions like: Do you have an understanding of how much Influence you have over your patients? Do you know to what extreme what you say will directly influence what your patient will do and how they will perceive things? Do you know that the power of persuasion is extremely Powerful, and that you can turn someones mind set from one extreme to the other, simply based on the information you deliver, and how you deliver it. Do you know how much your Words can affect someone for the rest of their lives?
These are just a few of the questions I would ask. I think in the day to day routine of being a doctor, long hours, not enough thank yous from the people they treat, and a whole lot of stress, Doctors forget how powerful each and every word they tell a patient is. Often, it is the only advice someone will ever seek about their health, and it can totally change someones perception of their body completely. Most people will always remember what a Doctor says, especially when it comes to Life Changing news.

I am kind of interested in knowing why everyone is so casual when it comes to the word disability. On the news last night, on MSNBC, Tucker, (he was on Dancing with the Stars) had this other guy on who he does a banter back and forth with. The other guy made a quick (he thought comical) reference to the Kids on American Idol being like kids who left their Special Needs classes to go on Audition, and that they forgot to take their Ritalin. Now, normally I would laugh at this, however, I can't quite laugh at these references anymore, not that I would ever find anything like this that funny. He then went on to do the typical "retard" imitation while he was making this comment. I thought about it and then realized how de-sensitized we are to all of this. Disabilities, weaknesses, flaws, anything that isn't "Brad and Angelina" isn't ok anymore, after all, we can't even have wrinkles! Why should we be allowed to have children who may need a little assistance at some point in their lives.

I think the only thing wrong with the word disability, is that it isn't applied to all of us, because lets face it, our Thinking is what's Disabled. Our Thinking and acceptance for all of this craziness is our Collective Societal Disability. Rosie O'Donnel and the other's at the View were talking about how Cruel American Idol has become, and that Paul Abdul is on the show intoxicated making fun of others. Now, I personally like Rosie O'Donnel, because I admire anyone who can have the guts to go against the grain, say what they think and call out all of the phonies on who they really are, like Paula Abdul. She has been completely incoherent for a loooong time now, and can easily be on a top rated TV show, and seemingly fly underneath the radar like it's just fine with everyone. She'll go into Re-hab like everyone else, and everything will be just hunky dorie once again.

Our Thinking is truly what Disables all of us, in the end.


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