Advocate? Getting Proper Info Into Ob/Gyn Offices

What a fantastic Day! I met with the Head of our local Down Syndrome (T-21, I'm on a push to re-name this whole thing!) Organization and we made a lot of progress. It's the only Organization in South Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach (Huge Area). It's called The Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization. Teri and I had such a great talk. She ended up telling me that it takes the Few Passionate People to Really roll up their sleeves and dig in deep to make changes. She also said she saw the same thing in me that she has herself, a need to help out the "Underdog". I told her how from when I was little, If I saw someone getting picked on or made fun of, I was the one to stick up for them and put the bully in their place. I've always been one to have to speak up about things, not take anything lying down, she said that's how she is. It really hit home sitting in her office that, maybe I really am an advocate deep down inside and it's taken a really long time to just resign to this fact and take ownership of the title! ADVOCATE?!!!

So we got together a game plan. I will get a list together of every single OB/GYN office in South Florida, and personally contact them to arrange for a short presentation/sit down to give updated information on what Down Syndrome is Today, not what it was 50 years ago. I will also talk to the Genetic Counselors (who, little did I know, are actually paid representatives of the Drug Companies who administer the Prenatal Tests!!!!). Talk about a conflict of interest! Do you think expecting Mom's have any idea at all that the Genetic Counselor is just a Cleverly Disguised Drug Rep?!! Wow! This was very eye-opening information that Teri was telling me. But, she said she knows a few personally, and said they would be willing to help me find a larger List of genetic Counselors in order to contact several at a time. If anyone out there reading this has any connections to a large list of Genetic Counselors by Area, that would be fantastic!

Of course I had to throw in a few pictures of Jaden Roc, because he can feed himself!!!

So, I'm putting together a more concise, appealing, packet together with my presentation, and off I go, making calls. I will let everyone know just how far I get in this arena. But I'm pretty persistent so I have a feeling I will make strides fast! I'm really looking forward to passing on this information! More Tomorrow.


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