We Don't Have To Vaccinate Our Children!

This is an interesting subject which has been brought up on one of the Down Syndrome Groups on Yahoo. Most parents Still believe that they HAVE to Vaccinate their children in order for them to attend school, Private or Public! This is completely False, yet something the School District and Government have worked very hard at trying to convince the Public is True.

Let me clarify for anyone who worries about vaccinating your child, and thinks you have to do it. You Never Have to Vaccinate Your Child Ever! Not When they're a Baby, not right when they're born, not when they go for their "Well" checkups, not when they start Pre-school or Regular School! Of course we all grew up getting our Vaccines and our parents thought they were saving our Lives by doing the "Good Deed" of getting us all of our shots and "boosters".

There is now, so much information regarding Vaccines and What they really do to the Immune system over a Short Period of Time and a Long Period of Time that it has turned into an out of control Monster. Without getting into the whole history of Vaccines, let me give just this bit of Info.

Every Single One of the 50 States has what is called an "Exemption" Form which is located at your Local Health Department. If you don't live near a Health Department, you can have one mailed to you. This Exemption form allows your child to Legally Attend School without vaccines as long as it is signed. Each State has Different Exemptions that are Allowed, Either Religious, Philosophical or Medical. You May only have One Option for Exemption in Your state or All 3 Options, either way, you have a choice not to Vaccinate. The reason they don't Advertise this information is obvious! They want Every Single Child Vaccinated, not because it will Save Their Life, but because it is BIG BIG BIG Money, and everyone has been led to believe (even many Doctors) that it is the "Healthiest Choice".

When I was pregnant with my Daughter 8-1/2 years ago, I started reading all about Vaccines because I had a terrible reaction to my MMR shot as a child and got very sick. I always remember my Mom telling me that story, that is why my Vaccine scar on my arm is larger than normal. Well, the more I read, the More Frightened I became. It was the first time I started really doubting The Government, The Medical Systems Intentions. I had always Blindly believed that they "must have our best interest at heart". After Reading Hundreds of Hours worth of Material from Doctors, Researchers, Parents, Officials, on Both Sides of the Coin, I decided Whole-Heartily to Not Vaccinate My Daughter. I Was a little scared for her safety, I was still very Brain Washed into thinking that if she didn't receive the vaccines for the 12 different viruses, that she would get all of them.

Well, to this day, my daughter has not been vaccinated and Coincidentally, has never even needed anti-biotics or even had a Very high fever. It's very interesting how parents of Non-Vaccinated Children, all have very similar stories about their Non-vaccinated kids. Many families choose not to vaccinate after one child has a horrible reaction. Some families have devastating stories of reactions. Others are just more Holistic, and know what vaccines do to the Immune system of young children/babies.

With this said, I would encourage anyone out there to research information on vaccines. By the way, I am not Completely Opposed to Vaccinations and the purpose they serve. I am completely opposed to the amounts of Vaccines that are distributed to our children, the Rigorous schedules that they follow and at the young, young ages they are given. Vaccines should be given sparingly, and as Needed. For example if you are Traveling to Places where there have been known Outbreaks, or if someone is Extremely Vulnerable to Illness. There are definitely exceptions. However, if you have a Healthy Child, their Immune system never has a chance to Develop on its own, purely because the Typical Baby has had 8 Different Viruses Introduced into their system by the time they are 6 months old! Babies Don't Need Hepatitis B vaccines, Sexually Active Adults Do!!!


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