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Well, Well, Well. Quite a Controversial Issue, Vaccines, they are! Always sure to stir up a few emotions in parents one way or another. It is a subject that I rarely discuss with other parents I know, but I do find more and more parents who do not vaccinate, who bring the subject up in discussion, then I give my answer. There is so Much Mis-Informaion out there, especially since most parents get their Medical Information from Doctors, and that can, unfortunately be the worst place to get the information because it is outdated, biased or innacurate.

For all the Parents Interested in Reading more, Please go to thess 2 Phenominal websites, it is the most imformative website you could go to on this issue.

Also Here is a Blog by an extraordinary Woman, Barbara Loe Fisher:

On A Lighter Note, I finally got some actual video of Jaden doing a few things, you know how your kids never perform on demand! He does so many cute little tricks, we are always trying to get him to do them in front of people sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. He is such a little performer though, and he's always looking for a reaction once he does what we are asking him to do. We say "sing", he sings. I hold my hands like an Orchestra Conductor and he sings Up and Down according to how I hold my hands, it so funny! HeLoves singing, now he is actually harmonizing with his dad and sister who will start singing, then he he chimes in, and funny enough it's actually on key! The other funny thing he does is, I say "Ohhh Baby", then he says "Ohh Baby", of course not perfectly clear, but the exact same inflection I have in my voice is what he imitates. That's what's so amazing about his speaking, is his use of Inflection! His new thing is "no" to everything or "Yes" to everything, and calling out all of the things he recognizes!

So anyway, here's some video I took on my camera, they're super short so hopefully you will click on all of them!

Hope you liked them!


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