Merck Is Going To Tell Me What I Can & Can Not Do?

Do Pharmaceutical Companies Really need More Power? They already RULE the Airwaves and the Print Media! Afterall, you can't turn on the TV or Pick up a piece of Reading Material without an Ad Telling you How Lovely it would be to Fall Asleep with Fairies Floating over your head! Pharmaceutical Companies, besides Insurance Companies are some of the Wealthiest Companies in the World, Everyone knows that!

So this leads me to ask: can you believe what is happening? A Pharmaceutical Company is going to start Dictating What Vaccines we HAVE to give our Girls for a Sexually Transmitted Disease?!!! Does everyone understand what is going on? Merck, has come up with a vaccine which can "HELP" prevent the HPV Virus (Human Papiloma Virus, Warts) from being contracted in 70% of the strains, which is a Strictly Sexually Transmitted Disease and can SOMETIMES NOT ALL THE TIME lead to Cervical Cancer! Merck, a BILLION Dollar, Extremely POWERFUL Pharmaceutical Company is actually LOBBYING Congress to Make it MANDATORY that ALL Young Girls, starting at the age of 11 get vaccinated for HPV!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLLLOOOOOOO! Is anyone else screaming at the TV in Disbelief? First of all Besides the Many, Many, Many things wrong with this, THE Biggest thing wrong with this is the fact that this Vaccine has only been tested on 1,100 girls. This is by all means not a LONG Term Study, nor does it show the long lasting effects or outcomes of this vaccine. Does anyone know how many Vaccines Pharmaceutical Companies come up with that are Deemed Perfectly Safe, then are pulled from the shelves because of Lethal/Dangerous reactions. Our children are constantly being used like Guinea Pigs when it comes to Vaccines! Do you also know that there is a Very HUSH HUSH, Vaccine Related Injury Fund in the United States, to Give money to Families who can prove their child was Injured or Killed due to Horrible Vaccine Reactions!?

There are BILLIONS of Dollars in Vaccine Money every year given to Pharmaceutical Companies. We are the only Country in the WORLD that has the Rigorous Vaccine Schedule that we do. By the time our children are 2 they have already been introduced to at least 10 different Known Viruses! We wonder why are kids are sick?! If there is anything everyone should be doing as a Responsible, loving parent, is looking into Vaccines, Their Ingredients, and what they really do to the immune system over time!

Please Read This!

Merck stands to make Billions of Dollars off of this vaccine and now the Government is Standing behind this vaccine, Texas is the first state to make it mandatory to vaccinate your 11 year old girls. First of all, it is never MANDATORY to vaccinate, any free American has the right to refuse vaccines at any time, and you do not need vaccines to go to school like they want you to believe. Every state has an Exemption form, that you pick up at your local Health department, Sign Exempt, and you never have to vaccinate your child! You will still be allowed to go to school, and no one will ever give you a hard time because of it!

This Newest vaccine as they are leading you to believe is going to prevent Cervical Cancer, is completely false and misleading! It will HELP prevent 70% of the different strains of HPV, which can SOMETIMES lead to Cervical Cancer! Please write your leaders, don't let the Government tell us what we can and can't do with our children! Remember, Merck has Lots of Lobbyists in Government, the Government, National and Local receive LOTS and LOTs of money From Pharmaceutical Companies, this is ALWAYS money motivated! Always! This should be extremely upsetting and scary to everyone!

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Remember Everyone Makes BIG, Big Money off of Vaccines, the Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical Community! Everyone!

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Anonymous said...


Read this article really shocked me. Few weeks a go my wife told me, that dermatologist suspect that lesion appear at the vulva of my daughter (11 years old) might be caused of the hpv vaccine (2nd injection). Might be, my daughter did not resist the vaccine reaction. So my wife didn't let me bring our daughter for the third.

If your article is correct, how risk to believe this health issue regarding the hpv vaccine?

I should be much more careful to believe any health issue especially talking about vaccine.

Thanks and Regards

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