Walking, Walking Everywhere

Well after a wonderful weekend I've decided to upload a few more very short videos of Jaden Walking. It's really been an amazing last few weeks for him. His walking has really taken off exponentially, and so has his talking. He seems to have entered a completely different faze now. My Husband and I find ourselves laughing hysterically at the antics Jaden is constantly up to now. Because he is So excited about walking/running, we will catch him walking by us through the corner of our eyes, something we have never been used to with him. He is just doing his own thing going from room to room. He has also taken to screaming at the top of his lungs at the T.V. whenever there is anything remotely similar to Sports on. Whether it's Baseball, Football, Boxing or anything Testosterone Driven, he is screaming at the T.V. The Funny thing also is that he screams at all the right parts. Like when the Pitcher is getting ready to throw the ball, he will start saying "yes, yes" while nodding his head, then when the batter hits the ball, he screams so loud, we have to stop everything we're doing! Coincidentally he does have a very good arm, he can throw the ball so far, and has such great aim. He is working on his catching now, which is almost there! And forget it, when he swings his Adult size Rubber bat around, we all stand back, he'll knock everything out of his way.


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