Happy Monday

I've decided, upon my Husbands urging, to start posting pictures everyday, of my jewelry. He thinks I don't "show it off" enough. So, I have given in and will try hard to remember to put up pictures of some new pieces. I have been really into making my Rings lately. I am a big fan of Huge Cocktail Rings, and well, anything large in jewelry frankly. So, I'll post a few pictures of some newest rings. I realize jewelry is not saving the world, or anything more than superficial and pretty, but I do love making it!

This Ring is a Gorgeous Large Faceted Smoky Topaz Stone with a beautiful Vermeil Bead Cap. The Ring itself is Gold Filled Wire. I can make it in any size! I sell this style for $25.00! Great Price, Right!? I wholesale my jewelry to Boutiques, so If you know anyone with a store, or if you are interested in anything you see, please email me! I love hearing from you.

This next ring is a Faux Amber Stone, (looks real) with a Vermeil bead Cap and it is on Gold Filled Wire. This one is Super Cool looking On. $25.00

This Final Ring, is One of My Most Favorite Styles to Make. A Swirly Mixture of All Different Faceted Stones, Pearls, Crystals and Glass to make a Huge Fun Cocktail Ring. This one is Faceted Carnelian, Pearls, Quartz, and Crystals with a Hand painted glass Bead in the Center. $25.00


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