Too Young For Boys

Well, With Valentines Day over, and My Birthday, I'm ready to begin my 38th Year! It's weird writing 38, because I honestly still feel 23! I know I don't still look 23, but at least I can hope I still look 37! But 38 sure does sound old to me now. It's funny because when I hear people mention they're 38 or 39, I think, "wow that's old", quickly forgetting that's my age! I mean, obviously it's not old, but the number thing really plays with you! I know if you feel good, you will look good, that's all there is to it, and I feel good!

It was a beautiful day that my Loving Gorgeous Husband made for me. He decided to not go in to work at all, and spend the entire day with me! After all, it's a lot of pressure for a man to contend with a Birthday and Valentines Day all in one day! And, an anniversary in a few days! We decided to Make February a Busy month! I won't gush about all of the amazing things he planned for me from morning until night, because honestly, I don't even think anyone would believe that a husband would do all of these things! I will say, he filled the day with the most thoughtful, amazing gifts and gestures! I was not only surprised, I was overwhelmed, as usual.

Should I be concerned if my 7-1/2 year old daughter came home with a huge bag of Valentines from school attatched to a Large Separate Bag from someone special? Apparently a little boy in her class, gave her a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates and a Snow Globe from Disney that says "I Love You". I asked her if this boy also gave all of the other kids special Valentines? She said "No, Just me". Then quickly walked away because she didn't want me to ask her anymore questions! She calls him her "really good friend", because we talked about her calling boys her "boyfriends".

Wow, is this a sign of things to come? Oh My!!!!


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