The Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act

I first want to say, thank you so much for commenting if you come across this blog. It means so much to me. That is why I am keeping this blog. It is to get in contact with as many Mom's & Dad's out there as I can. It is so hard to band together with other Mom's & Dad's who all have very similar intentions for their children. Please, Keep Commenting! It is so interesting that almost all Parents Universally who have a child with Down Syndrome, especially the parents who didn't know prenatally (like me) have the same feelings for their children. When you read the Moving, Emotional Feelings, Thoughts and Expressions other parents write about their experiences finding out about their babies Diagnosis, the Hospital staff reactions, family & friends reactions, their own reactions, and the vast array of emotions and fears that come about, you realize We Are Truly All The SAME! I have read Hundreds of Stories from other Parents about their experiences Finding out the News about their babies, and then their subsequent processing of the information, and the honesty, candor, and experience is almost always exactly what mine was!

Laughing at Something Goofy The Kids are Doing!

This tells me one thing, that we are all a powerful group of parents who automatically become advocates for our children the minute they are born, and didn't even know we had it in us. Not only do we become advocates, we become passionate advocates with very similar thoughts on the world around us and what we would like to change. This is why, I truly am not going to rest, until I stop hearing parents talk about their sad, depressing, stressful, frightening, experiences prenatally and postnatally. There is currently Legislation sitting in Congress right now which can help change the Laws on what goes on in Doctors Offices. Doctors will have to give Accurate, Up to Date, Encouraging, Hopeful information to Expecting Parents along with the Facts about Down Syndrome. Instead of just portraying the Negative, Outdated Stereotypes. If you're interested in trying to get this legislation moving again, we parents have a very strong voice! Here is the link, and then you can contact either one of the Senators to try and get this Bill moving along! Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act

In the mean time, I am contacting everyone I know in the Medical Profession Locally, and am going to set up Educational Luncheons for Labor and Delivery Nurses, Genetic Counselors and Nurses in Doctors Offices, and then with Doctors Themselves. I will give updated information about all the Research going on with Down Syndrome, Namely at Stanford University and talk about all of the Promising Information linking the Similarities between Alzheimer's and Down Syndrome. The Reason this is promising is because Alzheimer's Research has an Awful lot of funding because this affects so many people, and whenever anyone themselves is afraid of getting something, the research money is flowing! They are going to be testing effective treatments for Down Syndrome that will be used in Alzheimer's. This is a Very Exciting Subject to read about! I will also be giving information on Nutritional Intervention, Nutrivene, Ginkgo Biloba. These are all things that we have been personally doing with Jaden and I truly believe this is why he hasn't fallen into any "expected" categories as far as health and development go.

Me, On the Phone, Trying to Get things Done!

My presentation will be about 45 minutes. It will cover many topics from parents feelings, to how little changes can make huge differences, to bringing more awareness to sensitivity. I will use my own son as an example, and we will bring the Group's Founder's Son who is 17 and Amazing. What a Smart, Charming Guy! This is how we are going to start changing the way it's done! One Person at a time! I want to get all the Newspapers locally involved, I want to get Magazines Locally involved and then I want Nationally to Get this "taboo" subject talked about, discussed and really understood because I don't thing Society understands the Devastating Snowball Effect of all of this Prenatal Testing and Scare Tactics! Just Think, Autism Testing is Right around the Corner and those numbers are MUCH higher than Down Syndrome! Can you imagine how many more abortions are going to start after that? Then you will get into all the other tests they are going to come up with?! And Then, very soon, It will be FULL BLOWN Eugenics! Imagine if all of this money spent on coming up with prenatal tests, was spent on helping these existing conditions!?

Everyone should be discussing this, Everyone! This is such a HUGE Issue and one that people should really think about and talk about with family and friends. Get the discussion started!


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