Our Big Walker, Talker & Drummer

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The Mom Squawk Blog

He loves walking!

You say blink, he Blinks! This usually cracks perfect strangers up!

It's so funny how every single morning, my husband HAS to be the first one to get Jaden out of his crib. I let him do it because he relishes these first few minutes alone with his First and only son. What makes it funny, is my daughter, (7-1/2) also wants to be the first one to hold him and take him out of the crib. She usually wakes up earlier than Jaden because of School, Jaden usually decides to roll out of bed around 7 or so. So this morning, Jaden slept in a little later than usual and everyone was anxious to wake him up, hold him, smell him, kiss him etc. My husband and daughter were crawling out of their skins to get him up, so I told them both, "I Hear Jaden, He's Up!" (I was kidding), they both almost dropped their cereal bowls and ran upstairs to get him, pushing each other out of the way, and then both came down stairs Lyla saying "Mommmm, why did you say that? He's not up." My husband was laughing because he knows why I did it. They are both the same, ARIES! They have to be first at everything, and have WAYYYY tooo much energy all of the time!

His Favorite Activity Forever, The Drums! And Let me Tell you, He's pretty Good!

Did I mention how I never think of Jaden as having a disability in anyway? I may have mentioned this, but this Is what I tell everyone. He isn't Disabled! He is perfect. In fact, his thing now is, he repeats EVERYTHING you say! Everything, you say, cow, he says cow, you say doggy, he says doggy, etc! He recognizes everything now also! Mind you, he just turned 2 on Dec. 16. This is definitely not what Doctors tell you when they give you the "GRIM" diagnosis with sorrow in their voices. He puts 2 words together now, and is babbling those long sentences with all the inflections, the way toddlers do when they're trying to get their point across. I remember when my daughter went through this faze. It was so funny trying to get her to say things because they always came out different. My favorite with her was "say Hi Gorgeous", she would say "hi, go go", Or "Hold you, hold you", or "schsucshi" for Sushi...These are the words you never forget. As my son is now Enunciating all of these sounds, which is why he evaluated at his age level for speech, it is funny for him to move his mouth and tongue all around to make the sounds. Especially "g" and "C" sounds. He opens his mouth all the way up and almost like your clearing your throat will say "oggggy, ogggy," for doggy, "cat" he really exaggerates! When he says "baby", he says "aaahhh, baby" like I say it. He thinks his talking is hysterical too, he cracks himself up and laughs very loud the more excited we get!

See, what I mean, He get's Crazy! He has super good rhythm!

Very entertaining this kid, very entertaining! His other new thing is Singing. He loves singing. I'll say "Sing" and he starts going "laaaaaaaa, laaaa, laaaa, laaaa" up and down with his voice. I'll hold my hands like a conductor and when I go up with my hands, his voice goes up, when my hands go down, his voice goes down. It's so funny. Another trick that gets friends and family cracking up! This kid is definitely an entertainer, and he looooves the attention!


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