Our Thinking Is Our Only Disability Ever!

We've had a great weekend! The Super Bowl is on as I write this and being in Sunny South Florida, it's kind of weird that it is 60degrees outside, windy and rainy! We're getting ready for our trip to Aruba. It's the first time I've ever been away from Jaden, but my Parent's In Law are coming in to watch him and his sister. I'm not worried about the kids as much as I am about me. I am very attached to them. We've never had a Honeymoon, so this is going to be it! I am excited but also a little conflicted about not being able to be with them.

On another note, Jaden has been walking/running everywhere. He seems to really love running when we're not at home. The minute we're in a Restaurant, Store, Outside, Street, he wants to run. And while he's running, he's laughing hysterically and trying to talk. It's so funny how he loves talking when he's walking, and screaming! Very funny. I can't tell you how long we have been stuck between the holding our hands and walking and just letting go and walking faze...About 1 year! Honestly! I knew the second he started letting go, he would be so happy because he's been wanting to be independent since he started standing! He's definitely a Free Spirit, just like his sister.

On an even different note, we met this lovely Couple while out to Breakfast this morning. They were remarking on how cute Jaden was, and how smart he was etc. We started talking and next thing you know we were talking about Education, Health Care "Disabilities", Prenatal Testing and More! What a great conversation. They were visiting from Chicago. I was just passing on some information about how we all need to change our Language when it comes to Differences. Words like "Disabilities", "Special Needs", and "Handicapped" need to be replaced with words like "Different Abilities", "Different Needs", "Differently Abled". I mean afterall, how would any of us feel if we were referred to as Disabled?! It doesn't sound good, or make anyone feel good. One of the Gentlemen I was talking to has been living with HIV for 18 years and has been a Social Worker Counseling HIV positive People and their families within the Prison System! Wow, what a Job! He told me that he is considered Disabled because he has HIV, and that he doesn't like the label!

What a Profound Conversation, I tell you. They agreed Emphatically about how we all need to be discussing the issue of Prenatal Testing and how we are turning into a Society which Turns a Blind Eye to the Eugenics which is Occurring right now!

Imagine if we all changed our language, one person at a time? Imagine the powerful impact we could have if we "Gently" corrected people when they used the words like Handicapped and Disabled? What if we all switched out those words for more positive ones! Pass it on!


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