Tests, Doctors & Flaxseeds

Since Jaden has decided to skip the walking faze and go straight into the running faze, we went to the park yesterday with his sister and had a blast. He was running all over and onto every single thing. It is cushioned at the park, so he's not afraid to fall. It was so fun. Here are a few pictures, of course! I forgot the video camera to catch all of his running, but a few blurry pictures will do for now.

I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful advice, comments and suggestions! I love the interaction from all of you amazing parents! I have some great news today. It was the last of Jaden's annual visits to the Doctors, today was the Cardiologist. When he was born, like all babies, he had a very tiny PDA,(hole) which usually heals shortly after birth. At his 1 year check up it was still there, but barely visible so they told us to come back in a year. Well, today we went back, and it was gone, closed, finite! The cardiologist said that we never have to come back and that she loves having to tell that to her patients! I agreed! We're so happy about this of course, but I don't want to gloat, because I know there are so many parents out there with their little ones having heart issues. I am just thankful for every little thing.


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