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Good morning to all my fellow bloggers, friends, family and strangers just reading all about my life anonymously. I have decided, upon such exuberant response to yesterday's Jewelry Post, to continue to put up pictures of my jewelry. I am committed to showing my jewelry instead of just letting it sit in my living room/work area. See, I haven't been real aggressive ever since I closed my last store (over 2 years ago), in getting my jewelry seen. I do the occasional Jewelry Show at the Obligatory Gallery or Store, and sell to boutiques and sell on my wesbite, and Don't get me wrong the shows are always Phenomenal and quite reassuring that I might still "Have IT". And, yes, I have wonderful, loyal, long time customers. However, ever since becoming enthralled with everything Jaden, I haven't actively sought out new customers. There is definitely no inspiration or motivation that can compare to that of an Appreciative Customer! I still find it extremely challenging to pursue new business, given that I am not that pushy with my jewelry. my friends/strangers/family/bloggers/acquaintances, I will continue to show off a few pieces hoping that it leads to more sales or at least admirers.

I used to make pendants like this years ago, and have begun doing them again. I will say, that the few times I have worn them, young and old alike, comment on how much they like the necklace. I of course, never say, "I made it" because I don't want to sound conceited. So, If I'm alone with no one to chime in (like my daughter) that I made it, they leave thinking it was just some pretty necklace I bought! I know, sad but true.

By The Way, I am still looking for other artists who want to show their stuff on my site, For The Love of Jewelry In case you know anyone. I have been getting in touch with some other artists, so I'm hopeful to have some great new artists soon!

This Mosaic Pendant is Sterling Silver. It is wrapped in Faceted Carnelian, Fresh Water Pearls, Lemon Quartz, Crystals, Sterling Flower Beads and Hand Painted Beads. It comes on a Sterling Necklace. It Measures about 5" long by 2-1/2" wide. $75.00

This MosaicPendant is Sterling Silver Also. It is wrapped with Garnet, Faceted Blue Topaz, Crystals, Faceted Opalite, Crystals and Pearls. It is on a Sterling Necklace. $65.00


Kaeleigh said...

Yeah!! Love all these cool and eye catching jewelry designs!!

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