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A New Logo I've Made

Hi Mom's, I hope everyone is doing great today.

I have been super busy getting the other Blog together, For The Love of Jewelry and it is going great! I have been researching all the awesome Shopping Blogs, Artist Blogs and Indie Blogs, of which there are A LOT!!! I have found some extremely talented people and am here to say, that today is the first day where I will be featuring a New Artist/Mom. I have noticed that with all the other Blogs, there are plenty devoted to Original, Talented Artists, but none that I've noticed which are Specifically focused on Talented Mom's! So I'm hoping that this is a Niche yet to be Overdone!

A Pair Of Earrings. Gold Filled Hoops wrapped in Swarovski Crystals with Peridot Briolettes. $35.00

Citrine Briolettes with Light Pink Swarovski Crystals on Gold Filled Hoops. $35.00

Please check out the other blog today, to see who my First Featured Artist is! I'm super excited. I've also made a New Logo for My Store, For The Love of Jewelry & More. I would love to hear what you think! And Please, Please, if you know any mom's that need some publicity, send them my way! Email: noelle@lnoelle.com

One More thing, If anyone knows how to: Insert a picture in your Side Column, and turn it into a link to a URL? I would gladly take your advice! I've been trying to do this with several pictures, and I can't seem to figure it out!

On Jaden News, We have decided to do a Sleep Study with him to determine if his Adenoids & tonsils are causing him almost constant congestion, or if it's just his adenoids. Since he had fluid last time we went to the ENT, I've decided to try and figure out the culprit causing his difficult breathing. If it's just the adenoids, we can remove them easily, (not worried at all about the surgery) or if it's the tonsils also, we'll remove both. See, they want to maybe put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid, however, I've read many stories that say this only temporarily helps the situation. If you don't get to the root cause, (Most of the time Adenoids, and/or tonsils) the fluid will keep coming back! The Dr. said that 20-30 years ago, they would just take the adenoids out automatically to clear up the Fluid problem. So....we'll see after the Sleep study what Happens. I'll definitely be posting about it! The Problem is, most babies/children with DS have Sleep apnea to some degree, this is a documented proven fact. Sometimes the Sleep apnea is caused by breathing obstruction and sometimes it's Neurological and sometimes it's both. I know that Jaden has a little sleep apnea, because he is so congested so much of the time and we hear him. Just something for Us parents to be proactive with.


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