A Message On Selectively Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome

Well, this morning I woke up with my usual array of ideas & thoughts and decided that this is going to be the year where I make things happen. Ever since Jaden was born, I have been OBSESSED with Changing the Way Doctors and Nurses and Genetic Counselors give information to New and Expecting Parents about Down Syndrome. I've talked to tons of other parents who all agree that things definitely need to change with the Negative, Outdated, Innacurate information they give you on Down Syndrome which Drastically Sways women's decisions to abort. After all, who wants a "Cripple/Delayed/Retarded" person in their house. Because this is how the information is portrayed. It is still very dismal and not positive at all. Parents agree that if they had spoken to other parents who had kids with Down Syndrome, they would have felt much more hopeful about the reality of having a child with DS than just based on what the Doctor/Nurse/Counselor told them.

There are some extremely Frightening Statistics out there regarding Selective Abortion & Down Syndrome! Does the general public have any idea or even care about what is going on in Doctors Offices every day across the country? Women are Selectively Aborting Approximately 80-90% of all Babies who May Have Down Syndrome! Is it that we have become so Dis-Attached from our feelings and so De-sensitized as a Nation Collectively that this statistic doesn't seem to bother anyone?

OBGYN offices can be a very sterile, impersonal, unfriendly environment. Even at a time when you expect the world to be welcoming you everywhere with huge grins and friendly demeanor's, it's a quick wake up call at the Doctors offices when you are there for your monthly checks as a Pregnant woman. Doctors spend about 2 minutes with you, in fact my ObGyn, would say hi, shake my hand, use the ultrasound machine on me, tell me everything looked good and send me on my way. That is literally how every visit went until I delivered my Second Child, Jaden. He was a nice guy, but very quick, no questions from him, and I had no questions for him. I felt uncomfortable asking him anything. When they sent me over to another office, The Parinatalogist for my Level II Ultrasounds because I was 35 years old, it was an even more unfriendly and cold environment where women waited like cattle in the waiting room. All talking to each other about why they were there. I always felt Like I didn't belong there. So many women were on medications to keep them from having the baby early, with other complications, I never had any of this, I always felt completely fine.

I remember the Genetic Counselor talking to me about my Statistical Risks for "This and That", and thinking to myself, she sounds like a robot, and she wouldn't remember me 5 minutes from now. She suggested all the different testing to determine if my baby was just fine, until I asked her, "Isn't that what these High Powered Ultrasounds are supposed to determine? Can't you see all the blood flowing the veins, all the Chambers of the heart, fingers, brain etc?" Well "Yes" she said, however the ultrasound can miss Down Syndrome very often because the baby may "look perfect" however my not be. "Sometimes, DS can be very hard to spot." Well, I opted for the regular blood tests and told her I would be fine. She shook her head in dismay, I obviously not doing what most women did, and she then said, "well, O.K. then."

I remember this day because I was 13 weeks pregnant, and going for my first Level II Ultrasound. I knew everything was ok, and sure enough it was. The technician was very thorough and I was in there for about 30 minutes. She said everything was perfect, and the baby looked perfect! That's what I knew also, because I was already feeling him move!

Now this isn't a post to recount every minute of my pregnancy but simply I'm remembering the feelings I had going to these offices when pregnant. I remember thinking that no one in these offices made you feel like you were going through the most special time in your life, no one felt excited for you or treated you like you were any different than some stranger walking down the street. I also remember every magazine, newspaper, and TV article reminding you of all the reasons women have babies with Down Syndrome and how to avoid having one of these babies yourself. I remember feeling sorry for all of those poor women who end up with these "mistakes" of nature. My baby was "perfect" after all, all of the tests said so.

I now think, does anyone in these offices, or in the entire medical profession as a whole, ever think about the words they say to pregnant women or think about the information they pass on? Does anyone think about the babies living and growing inside these women? I feel very sad that our Medical Community is so obsessed with creating the Perfect Human and discarding anything not Deemed perfect that unless we start gathering together to change this, and stand up against this Horrific Collective Mentality it is only going to get Much Worse!

Everyone remembers the Holocaust, or at least has learned about it. The Word associated with the Holocaust is Eugenics. Taken from Wikpedia:

The term eugenics is often used to refer to movements and social policies that were influential during the early 20th century. In a historical and broader sense, eugenics can also be a study of "improving human genetic qualities". It is sometimes broadly applied to describe any human action whose goal is to improve the gene pool. Some forms of infanticide in ancient societies, present-day reprogenetics, preemptive abortions and designer babies have been (sometimes controversially) referred to as eugenic. Eugenics can be considered a flawed concept because not all abilities are expressed in a particular individual. Special abilities may only appear after many generations down the road in a very different environment. Earlier proposed means of achieving these goals focused on selective breeding, while modern ones focus on prenatal testing and screening, genetic counseling, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and genetic engineering. Opponents argue that eugenics is immoral and is based on, or is itself, pseudoscience. Historically, eugenics has been used as a justification for coercive state-sponsored discrimination and human rights violations, such as forced sterilization of persons with genetic defects, the killing of the institutionalized and, in some cases, genocide of races perceived as inferior.

I find all these different meanings interesting. They all really say the same thing though, that we humans take great pride in determining who is inferior to ourselves and who doesn't deserve the same right as ourselves. Isn't it fascinating that Scientists who usually come up with these tests are usually intelligent people in one sense of the word, yet almost crippled with an underdevelopment of the part of the brain which evokes compassion, understanding, acceptance, higher love, a soul and the true understanding of LIFE? You only need to have one experience in your lifetime with someone a little less Obviously "able" than yourself to see, that you are No Better and certainly NO More Deserving than he. Really, who are we to decide who is able to live, and who isn't? Well, We are deciding, collectively as a society, as a country, who deserves a Life, and who Doesn't! What is going on? It's almost like the twilight zone if you start to really think long and hard about this subject.

With prenatal testing getting more and more precise, they will soon allow every expecting parent the option of knowing exactly what may be wrong or right with their child?! The Extremely frightening Fact is, since 1 out of 3 children/people will have some sort of "disability" within their lifetime, Does this mean that Ultimately 33% of the population doesn't deserve to live? Does this mean that every human who may have vision loss, hearing loss, cancer, amputation, paralysis, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, manic-depression, adhd, autism (1/166 babies) and the millions of other possible "flaws" within the human condition, doesn't deserve to live either? Is all the prenatal testing about Protecting our society from the less than perfect, or is it really about keeping "health Care" costs as low as possible? Because if this is the case, it isn't going to help. Imagine if we just went into society and selectively killed off all of the individuals with various ailments, disabilities and mental problems? Would we really have a perfect world? Or would we be a disgusting place where no one ever knew the True Meaning of LIFE?

I do know this, My Child has a Soul, A HUGE personality, Feelings, A Brain, A Heart, A Laugh, A Cry, A Voice, A Touch, A Sense of Humor, A Determination, A Feistiness, A Temper and most of all A LIFE!


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