We Had A Great Day

Waiting Patiently for Breakfast at our Favorite Restaurant on the Beach

Yesterday was such a great day for us. Jaden went to his Gymnastics Class in the morning, which he absolutely loves! And he walked all over the place. All the parents were cheering for him and the instructor who has known him since he was 1 year, almost started crying, she was so happy for him. He was really showing off. He is so fearless, it's great. I love the fact that he always jumps right in and does everything the other kids are doing. His coordination is so good now too and his strength is great also.

Daddy loves taking Self-Portraits!

I can't wait to get him into pre-school a few mornings a week, because I really think his development will take off from there. He is so social, and when he's around other kids he immediately trys doing what they are doing. Actually, he's kind of the "tough" kid. I was afraid he would be this push over, where other kids would take over and he would just follow, but it's not like that at all. He is so strong willed and opinionated, he knows exactly what he wants, and he won't let anyone push him around. You should see the way he beats on his older sister all the time, she's 5 years older than him and there are times when she is crying. Not that we tolerate that, it's just that part in me that smiles a little knowing he is going to be just fine. It's amazing the stupid stereo-types you have in your head when they announce "He has Down Syndrome." I can't believe how inaccurate they are!
Wondering where the food is, and why is the sun in my eyes?

So we're getting some T-Shirts made for Jaden. Here's what they Say:

Front of shirt: I'm smarter than you think! - Back of shirt: Are you smarter than I think?
Front of shirt: I know I'm Cute! - Back of shirt: That's what an Extra Chromosome Will Do!
Front of shirt: How Many Chromosomes You have? - Back of Shirt: I have 47!
Front of shirt: No, I'm not always in a Great Mood! - Back of shirt: Are You?
Front of Shirt: No, I'm not Asian! - Back of Shirt: I just have an extra Chromosome.
(The last one might offend some Asians, but people tell us all the time he looks like Maddox because he has a mohawk sometimes, and they also tell us he looks slightly Asian) We always laugh when we hear this because we know, they don't know!

These are just a few of the one's we have. We have so many more sayings. We think the response will be good because people are aways saying "hi" and kissing Jaden, and he waves and says hi to everyone and kisses everyone, so we think the shirts will really crack people up!

Another Self-Portrait, don't ask how many we have!

We are so happy with how Jaden is Talking also. This is the amazing thing about him. Since he was born, the kid hasn't stopped babbling and talking. He has always been amazing at immitating sounds and facial expressions, since he was tiny. Speech is usually the most difficult thing for kids with Down Syndrome, so I have always braced myself for the inevitable, that he would have a lot of difficulty in this area. Yet, all his therapists have always said how remarkable it is for him to immitate the way he does. He has always been gifted in this area. If we say "No" he says "no" and shakes his head, "yes", He says "yes" and nods his head. The thing is, we don't give him expressive gestures to give it away. For example, if I say no, I don't shake my head also, I only say the word. Then he Shakes his head and says "no". I don't know how many words he can say, but if I counted it would be TONS! Obviously we're estatic because he just turned 2! The best part is he recognizes so many things now, and just blurts out the word for it! Sometimes I have to double check to make sure I'm not hearing things! Obviously it doesn't always sound exactly like the word, but we know exactly what he's saying! If there is a cat on the TV, he says, "Cat!", same with baby, doggy, fish, bird, tree, cup, etc. I love it when people say, "He's SOOOO Smart!"... What a Great thing to hear, when that's the antithesis of what you think anyone will ever say! I always think back to his first pediatrition who after he was born, called me to confirm the blood results that he had an extra chromosome, and she told me the news as if she was telling me he had a terminal illness. In fact she was practically crying. That was a pivotal moment for me, I told her "Please don't feel sorry for me, There is Nothing wrong with him, he is active, healthy, smart, funny and super cute! Save your emotions for the parents who really have done a lot of suffering, or are currently." She then told me how brave I was, and how she wishes more parents could have my attitude, and all I thought as I shook my head was, She is the reason parents are so afraid! That was the last time we spoke, I then found my 2nd pediatrition. We're actually on our third now. More about that subject another time!

I actually think he's a genius! We've always said, maybe the extra chromosome has given him an advantage! The other amazing thing about him is he Loves to get us to laugh! He will go out of his way to do some goofy sound, or gesture or expression to get us to laugh, and once we start laughing, he starts!

We love him!


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