Hello Mr. Kennedy & Mr. Brownback. I am writing this to you because I am trying to find out what happened to the Kennedy/Brownback Bill that was supposedly introduced into congress in 2005. I have a 2-1/2 year old so with Down Syndrome, and I, like Thousands of other Proactive, Concerned Moms across the United States are actively, and I mean ACTIVELY trying to get things Changed. Your Bill, is precisely the type of legislation we need, right now, because in 2007, parents are still getting Outdated Statistics, Old Research Information, Negative Stories and Discouraging messages when it comes to receiving a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Over 90% of Expecting Parents receive NO support or Updated information at the time of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis.

The new recommendations for ALL women to undergo earlier testing for Down Syndrome will surely help skyrocket the 90% abortion rate which it currently is, even higher! What is happening is an extremely frightening peek into the future of Medicine! When the Medical Profession, takes it upon themselves to delver news, any way they see fit, they completely SWAY the patient into making a decision based on the Information that is delivered! What is going to happen soon when they can prenatally test for Autism and Thousands of other "Diagnosis'"? The medical profession, when it comes to unborn Babies, not only Plays "God", but they are also encouraging these abortion numbers and are not being held liable for the influence they have over new and expecting parents. A woman is at her most vulnerable when she is pregnant. When you add into the mix a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, what she is then offered are opinions from Genetic Counselors, Nurses, Ultrasound Techs, and Doctors. All of them Hinting at Abortion and the BURDEN this baby is bound to be! The Medical community is still painting pathetic pictures of babies unable to do anything, children unable to live normal lives, and young adults being a burden on the family forever. They give outdated Age Expectancy numbers ranging anywhere from 35 to 55, It just depends on who is giving the information. They try and falsely empathaze with the parents and tell them that this baby will only be a huge emotional burden. Which is precisely the problem, Dr's project their own inadequacies to care for a baby and insecurities, onto the expecting parents! When very often, the expecting parents are much stronger than the Doctor's ever could be!

Most new parents that I have spoken to, and I have spoken to HUNDREDS personally, usually say the same thing, They wish they were offered support and encouragement immediately at the time of diagnosis instead of condolences and negative statistics. I remember one nurse who smelled like cigarettes, said to me when my son was a few days old “I’ve heard that some of these kids can even learn to read when they’re much older.” All the Parents wish that what should be a time for congratulations, would have been just that, instead of turning into a scary, frightening, alarming experience.

The problem with what is happening in Dr.s offices across the country, every day, is that everything happens behind closed doors, there is no monitoring or responsibility being taken for how powerful and influential Dr's., nurses, genetic counselors "opinions" are. What the medical profession has completely forgotten, and seemingly never fully understood, is that ALL parents innately love their babies, want their babies and will care for their babies No matter what. All parents are faced with the same odds when having a baby, some will be healthy, some won't, some will have long lives, some won't, but all babies will have strengths and weaknesses, good days and bad days, things they excel at and things that are more difficult. That is the point.

Please understand, Mr. Kennedy, that this is an extremely urgent issue. I don't know one parent, who doesn't want this system to change. Doctors and Medical professionals need to be held responsible, once and for all, when they are dealing with the Unborn! They need to be held responsible for the way they persuade parents into making an extremely life changing decision, and they need to offer accurate, up to date, encouraging, supportive information so that parents won't be left alone in a cold room to make a decision with no one to talk to! Most parents when asked, would have loved to have another parent of a baby/child with Down Syndrome to talk to at the time of diagnosis. And, there are Thousands of us who are more than willing, no matter what time of day, to offer support and hope to these parents.

They agree, it would have made them feel much better. I for one, went back to the OBGYN’s office and told them to call me if they have a parent who was given this diagnosis. They smiled politely, took my number, and I’ve never received a call. I have met several women who have had abortions because the fetus was suspected to have had Down Syndrome, only later to go on to have a baby with much bigger problems that went completely undetected prenatally! I will do everything in my power to commit to this issue and to help change it. Please let me know what I can do. We have to change this system. My son is bright, beautiful, healthy and the funniest little kid you've ever seen. Never for one second would I wish he wasn't here! The world loves Jaden so much. All babies have a purpose, a soul and a reason to be here! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! You can change the world with your influence, Mr. Kennedy!


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