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Please excuse the Tilted Video.

Hi everyone. Please keep passing on The Petition For Change and Please pass it on to anyone you think may be in support of this. I am going to forwad this to Senator Brownback and Senator Kennedy's office. I just got off the phone with Vanessa from NDSS, and she was really helpful. She LOVED the idea of ONE Universal 800 number for support to new and expecting parents, a number which would be answered by parents to offer support. She also didn't know personally what ever happend to the Kennedy/Brownback bill which the NDSS helped write and execute. I am in the middle of actively looking into this. I called Senator Brownback's office today and will continue to stay on top of this issue until I find out how to Re-Introduce this bill into Congress. This is a Fantastic Bill and one that should be pushed HARD! I will keep everyone posted on my progress. If you want to read about this bill, go here & here.

In Jaden news, He just got his First BUZZ Cut. Please look how gorgeous my little guy is now!

Here is the Before picture:

Here is the After Picture:


Cleo said...

Yes, Jaden is gorgeous =))

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