My New Petition To Get The Prentally Diagnosed Condition Act Passed

Let's Get this 90% Down Syndrome Abortion Rate DOWN!! These Numbers have to Change! We need to Get together to Change this! We have power in Numbers as Mom's. Let's, through the power of the Internet, Sign This petition, and present it to our local Politicians. We Need to Implement A Bill to Have Doctors, Nurses and Genetic Counselors start to take partial responsibility for these Numbers. The Medical Profession has Long Undermined and Underestimated the Unconditional Love that Parents have for their baby, no matter what may or may not be wrong, and Long imposed "THEIR" Ideologies onto us, especially when it comes to Pre-Natal diagnosis'. The Medical Professionals are still giving Outdated, Inaccurate, Negative information to very vulnerable new & expecting parents. They are completely influencing the way new & expecting parents think and feel about bringing their baby into the world. Parents, when told prenatally that their baby has Down Syndrome often have no where to turn, they are not only completely shocked and scared but also very confused and usually have no idea what to do. They are still given Grim Statistics, Low Life Expectancy Numbers which vary anwhere from 35 to 55, are told about all of the "probable" health issues. They are rarely, if ever given the positive stories and statistics about all of the babies with No heart Defects or major health challenges. They are not told about all of the advances in Medical Care or how Accepted and loved their baby will be by the family and the outside world. They aren't told about the newest generation of Teen's graduating High School and going on to College and even to marry.

The only people new parents have to turn to is usually whom ever is available in their Doctor's office at the time of diagnosis. Whether it's the opinionated nurse, or the over zealous Ultra Sound Tech who just did the ultrasound, or the Doctor who looks like he's delivering a death sentence or the Genetic Counselor who will gladly read a bunch of regurgitated statistics from the 1950's. And Handing over an Outdated Pamphlet with a picture of a kid with Down Syndrome on it, is not considered support!

THIS HAS TO STOP! Do you know ANY PARENT(S) who weren't completely Disheartened or saddened by the birth experience or Prenatal Experience because of the way they were given information or a complete lack of support? Do you know ONE parent who, after seeing their baby and bonding with their baby, Didn't LOVE their baby? All of us mom's have such similar stories and unfortunately, they are usually filled with the common denominator of a lack of support and optimism from the Medical Staff caring for us at the time. Whether we gave birth in Miami, Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Nebraska! We all are still getting Little to NO Support at the time of Diagnosis whether it's prenatally or post-natally. We are all very sure of which way the Medical World Collectively Hints at us to Abort any baby that is suspected to be less than perfect! Unless we all stand up to start changing old laws and implementing new laws, the Medical profession will just keep making it's own decisions to sway us which ever way they choose. The Medical world needs to stick to some boundaries when it comes to giving Diagnosis's to new and expecting parents and they still fall WAY Short in giving parents Choices and Support! They need to be held responsible for what they say, especially when it comes to whether a life comes into this world, or is taken out! Dr's. very often deliver "The News", give you a look to suggest "I wouldn't have the baby but it's up to you." wink, wink, and they send you on your way. Parent's are often very highly encouraged to have an abortion, whether it's said or suggested. Please, let's change this! Let's not keep letting parents feel all alone, scared and discouraged at this vulnerable time! Please, let's change this abortion rate! We can all do it! Here's what I think we can do!

If all of us Mother's came together in Record Numbers to Help change the way things are done in Medical Offices of OBGYN's Across the Country, we could really make a difference. How about Petition For Changing The Way A Down Syndrome Diagnosis is Delivered ONE Petition, Signed by Every single one of us mom's. The Petition to State This:

The Information given to New and Expecting Parents who receive a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome, will receive immediate access to Local and National Support from all the Available Agencies. This petition will ensure that ALL Medical Offices and Hospitals are Required BY LAW to Refer the Expecting Parents immediately to the Local Down Syndrome Support Group, and if there is No Group locally, that they refer them to the Closest one in their state, if there still is no available agency, then they will be referred to the National Down Syndrome Society. New and Expecting Parents, BY LAW, will immediately be entitled to PROPER counseling and Updated, accurate information, given to them by Specialists in the Field of Down Syndrome and also by Parents of Children with Down syndrome. The New and Expecting Parents will not be allowed to receive counseling on Down Syndrome from the Genetic Counselors in the Office or by the Radiation Technicians, or by the Doctors. They will only be allowed to receive information from Experts in the Field of Down Syndrome and by fellow parents and will have access to this information within 24 hours of a diagnosis. The only people giving information on Down Syndrome to new Parents, will be the Experts in the Field of Down Syndrome. The information shared must be of the latest, most current research, technologies and statistics. The new and expecting parents will not be allowed to be given outdated, negative, inaccurate statistics to sway them into abortion, or fear. They will only be allowed to receive information that is factual, and up to date. Opinions from Nurses, Doctors, and other Medical staff will be punishable by fines.

I think this is a fair and reasonable petition. I think all of us will agree that unless we do something now, the numbers will just keep increasing. Just think, soon they will have the prenatal test for Autism, and we all know what kinds of numbers those are! Imagine the abortion rate for Autism when they can test? What about every thing else our kids can have or could develop! When is it going to stop!? When is the Medical Community going to stop playing God!? A life is a life, A Baby is a Baby, A Soul is A Soul. Each of us have a purpose, each of us! This is something we all need to come together on. This is not an Abortion Debate or Issue, This is a HUMAN Being Issue, an Issue about LIFE!

If you want to sign on, Please Let Me Know! I am going to start passing this on immediately!
You can also Email Me Personally, any and all opinions, thoughts and suggestions!


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