Jaden's Tune Up Surgery Today

Today in about 2 hours, Jaden goes in for a slight Tune UP! He is getting his adenoids and tonsils removed to allow for better breathing at night. At the same time the Dr. is putting in tubes to clear up the small amount of clear fluid. Jaden's speech has been phenominal lately, so I can only imagine how much it will take off when he can hear us more clearly. It would have been so easy to miss the fact that he had fluid in his ears because he hears every little sound! I think that an ENT is really the only one who can tell you for sure about the fluid. Our pediatrician never saw any for over 2 years!

We're not worried about the surgery at all. The Dr. says the whole thing should take about 12 minutes, and that's his quote. He will stay overnight at the hospital tonight for precautionary measures because of the tonsils, otherwise it would have been in and out. We're at Joe Dimaggio Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, a phenomenal Hospital. This is the first time Jaden has ever had surgery, but we're excited for him to breathe better!

As for the Video Blog, Please, start taking videos of your story, so we can upload them! My video is too long, so I have to make 2 or 3 out of my one. I found out that if it's over 5 minutes, Youtube has a real problem uploading it! So, tomorrow there will be my videos will be uploaded. Don't wait though, start now! P.S., Please keep passing on the Petition! You wouldn't believe the emotional stories I've been reading and all of the support I've been getting! This is really going to make a difference!


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