The Video Blog For Expecting Parents Who Receive A Diagnosis

Today is the Launch of an All Video Blog , called The Medical Rights of Expecting Parents. This Blog is devoted to Parents sharing their stories of their Prenatal and Postnatal experiences. I have decided to develop a forum where all of us parents can upload our personal video stories (7 minutes or less preferably) to help bring this issue into the National Arena! There is nothing more powerful than seeing a face with a story and I truly believe, that if all of us parents start uploading our stories, we're going to change the way Doctors are currently doing things! There is nothing like power in numbers, baby! So, I started with an introduction of myself and my mission. You're next! Just Video Tape or Webcam yourself telling your story, upload it to Youtube or any other service, and Email the Link to me! I will upload it to the blog the minute I receive it! Imagine if thousands of us start sharing our stories with the world, what is going to happen! I truly believe, that together with My Petition, and this Video Blog, we will have a Lot of Power in changing the current "System". So, don't waste another minute, start filming yourself telling your story, (Don't worry, you look fantastic!), and upload it! Then, email it to me! You and me, and us, we're going to change things baby!


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