Jaden's Post Surgery Update

Well everything went fantastic with Jaden's surgery. He is now lighter some adenoids, tonsils, some extra tissue in the back of his throat and is heavier 2 ear tubes. He came through with flying colors and we are so happy to have it all taken care of. He was eating and drinking only hours after surgery yesterday. His throat is definitely soar, but he's recovering beautifully, playing and laughing in between the fussing. I am curious to see how much better he sleeps and hears now that all of that gunk is out of his ears. The Dr. said that his adenoids were pretty enlarged, hence the breathing issues, and that he had quite a bit of hard gunky fluid in his ears. So, he should be hearing so much better now! Can't wait to hear the words that come out of his mouth now! The nurses and doctors were so lovely and warm with us. I was completely touched by their sensitivity. What a positive experience. Plus, I got the word out to all the nurses I could about signing the Petition! All of them were happy I was doing this and promised to sign! I will get my video up on the new blog by tomorrow. I hope to start seeing your videos in my "in" box soon!


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