Why This Petition Is So Important

Well There has been a lot of energy and momentum with The Petition. I am very excited about all of the amazing responses I have personally been receiving as well as the emotional stories parents are sharing on the petition itself. If anyone is ever interested in reading the stories, just go to the petition and click under "signatures" and you can read the stories. I am finishing up my articles to submit to my local papers and magazines here. I really hope that any of you reading this can take 5 minutes from you busy schedules, look up your State Senators phone number and call their office in Washington DC. Please tell them you want to have the Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act Passed! If everyone of us makes calls, we can really make a difference. I am going to keep gaining exposure for this issue anyway I can! I am going to make sure that the Media starts covering this topic like it never has! I just hope that all of us parents keep it in the forefront of our minds, what an important issue this is, and how vital it is to make the Prenatal Community Much more responsible! Thank You!


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