Jaden's 4th Day Of School

Well, being that Jaden is having trouble adjusting to school, we've decided to increase it from 3 mornings a week to 5 mornings a week. The original plan was to bring him Tuesday through Thursday. Well, with 4 days off inbetween, the re-adjustment on Tuesday proved to be very difficult for him. So, we've decided to do 5 mornings a week until he can get used to the routine. It's such a beautiful school. Only 6 children per teacher and only 12 kids in the class. There is also one aide during the day to help out. They do music, arts, reading, singing, activities, outside play, etc. I've been going 2 times while he is there to check up on him through the window. Everytime I go there, he's either refusing to eat his food or crying. But, I've been going right around nap time everytime and he's getting used to the nap time schedule which is 2 hours later than his typical nap. So...here, in Jaden's own words, is his experience. I know it will get better, and I really feel this socialization and structure will be very helpful for him. (I hope...)


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