I've Been Tagged

By...All Rileyed UP a fellow blogger, Californian, very humorous writer friend. I was wondering actually, if it would ever happen to me?! So here we go, 8 Facts/Habits about myself you probably weren't overly interested in finding out in the first place.

1. I grew up in Marin County, California, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am extremely grateful for this, I truly believe it helped form my perspectives on life and give me an open mind. Marin is known for lots of left over hippies from the 60's and yes, most of my friends came from single parent homes, (which I thought was the norm), and yes, most of my friend's parents had stashes of illegal substances in drawers around the house. But we never had to worry about walking home from school or riding bikes to friends houses.

2. I always wanted to be either an Interviewer like Barbara Walters, a writer or a Doctor growing up. I even went to college for Journalism and was an editor on my school newspaper. (Free tuition). I also started my own magazine called "Blend" when I was 23. A magazine devoted to showcasing artists, musicians, poets, writers and designers. I put out 3 issues.

3. Studying health and nutrition has become more than just a past time, it is now a way of life! I wish I had known half of what I know now, growing up! We are now a Wheat Free/Sugar Free/Practically Dairy Free House. Being an allergic person my whole life, I've literally never felt better or had more energy!

4. Every time I learn something new, I want to share it with everyone I care about! I am passionate about several things and here they are:

How vaccinations are the biggest scam and scare campaign of the 20th century.
How most food additives should be considered illegal and life threatening.
How the FDA does very little to look out for our better good.
How pharmaceutical companies are controlling all media outlets because of the ad revenue they bring in and how they are convincing the public that they need to be on medication.
How irresponsible and ridiculous our Media has become at portraying the supposed news, as the REAL stories go completely UN-reported and how THE MEDIA should be using it's overwhelming power to bring about positive change and awareness in so many different arenas.
How we as a society, are not speaking up loud enough to bring about change in what we really care about. Never has there been a better time to speak your mind!
How pointless the different political parties are in this day and age.
How we should all be given A deck of cards with candidates who are running for office, their faces, stats, achievements politically, where they stand on different issues and what they plan on doing to change things.
How we should be teaching our kids health, nutrition and disease prevention in school as part of a daily curriculum.
How outdated and archaic our educational system is.
How we need to completely re-train all of our Ob/gyn's, Perinatologist's, Genetic Counselors and Nurses on HOW to deliver a prenatal diagnosis and have an immediate support/educator on hand to talk to the expecting/new parents. There's more....

5. I quit a corporate job at a huge newspaper in south Florida to become a fashion designer. I didn't quite know how I would do this, so I started by taking private sewing lessons. When the sewing teacher told me I may want to consider another vocation, I realized that sewing and patterns were not my "calling". A week later, taking apart an old necklace and contemplating my life's direction, I started making a necklace that would later become my biggest single necklace design success and I had my "AHA" moment right then and there. From that point on, my new passion and business began. This one necklace changed my life forever and went on to appear on HSN and QVC!

6. The day I started making and designing jewelry was the day I stopped writing.

7. Becoming pregnant with my daughter was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me up until that point. I loved every minute of my pregnancy with my daughter, more than you can imagine. I spent 4 years alone with her, and nursed her for 2. I brought her to my stores with me everyday until she started pre-school at 4. My little Lyla, now 8!

8. Finding out that Jaden had Down Syndrome, was the most transforming, life changing experience I have ever had. I knew instantly what my true calling in life now was. I had always known deep down that "Jewelry Design" was only leading me to the path I was truly meant to travel down. Now, my future is more clear and meaningful than it ever has been before! For this, I thank my gorgeous son!


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