Jaden's Update

Here's the Update from Jaden's Post Surgery results. We had his 2 week post op check up yesterday. We told the doctor that we have seen remarkable changes in sleeping and behavior in general. First off, Jaden is sleeping with his mouth closed for the first time since he was born. He no longer snores at all, and is sleeping peacefully and quietly! He is also no longer sticking his tongue out! We gave Dr. Singer a big hug and thanked him for making Jaden feel so much better. Dr. Singer said that after getting the results back from pathology regarding the removed adenoids and tonsils, he was amazed that they were 3 times the size that they should have been and were infected! We would never have known this had it not been for the surgery. I can not say enough how happy we are for Jaden! He also said that there is no more fluid in the ears due to the tubes! He was thrilled with how quickly Jaden healed and how fantastic he looked! We don't have to see him for another 6 months. He is sleeping so peacefully through the night now as well! I highly recommend looking into this if your children are having sleep/congestion issues!


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