Jaden, T-21 Model?

ince quite a few parents brought to my attention that Many Different Companies have used and are using Kids with DS as Models, I am feeling very encouraged about this! So, I sent some photos of him to a Modeling Agency yesterday, the only Legitimate "Talent/Modeling" agency in South Florida. I called first to let them know I was e-mailing photos of Jaden, then told them he was "special". The lady assured me they would look at the photos. I am doing a follow up call. I don't care about Jaden being a Model obviously, I do care about having more children exposed in the media who represent all segments of the population though. This is very important. If it's not Jaden, then It should be some other child who is "different". I just thought it would be interesting to see if we even get a response at all, or if they completely blow me off. I know most parents think their kid is the most beautiful, smart, charming child, and the agency hears this all day long. You can hear it in their voices, they are completely sick of parents who claim their kid is the best. However, you never know what may happen! You never know. Here are the pictures I sent over. I took them yesterday. I sent 6, even though they only ask for 2.

Sideways Sly Face

Happy I'm Eating Face

Winking, Charm Face

I Know I can Feed My Self, Face

Let Me do It, Face

All Done, Face

Well, we just got back from a 7:45am Doctors Appt. (10:30am) for Jaden, his 2 year check up. He has only been to the Doctor for his "well Visits". Knock on wood. Everything looks great with him. They took blood (routine for DS every year) for thyroid, cbc, lead, etc. That wasn't fun for him. Poor little guy.

I spoke with my Pediatrician about Attitudes in the Medical Profession regarding Down Syndrome and how they relay "The News" to parents. I told him about all of the work I was embarking on, starting in Ob/GYN offices. He said they have quite a few kids with DS in their practice and that all of the Doctors and Nurses there, (HUGE Practice with 15 locations and TONS of Doctors) have a very positive, encouraging outlook on Down Syndrome and that he thinks Attitudes have really changed over the years. He says he tells parents these kids will be just like every other kid, and tries to be as positive and optimistic with them as possible. I do know, he's always been wonderful with Jaden and very loving. He is, however, the 3rd doctor we've had for him, the first 2 weren't Current enough for us. He said he would help anyway he could getting information to all the Doctors if I bring it to him. He also seemed genuinely pleased that I was getting involved this way and that I really could make a difference. He also seemed very sad over the High Abortion rate regarding the Down Syndrome Diagnosis.

I told him how surprised I was to learn that the Women "Counseling" new moms about Genetics, actually worked for the Companies supplying the prenatal tests!!! He rolled his eyes and said yes, this is a sad fact. What a Conflict of interest, I said, Imagine if women knew that this was the case, that the very person they are consulting with for Prenatal tests, is actually the same woman working for the Drug Company! What if this was common knowledge? He said he applauded the work I was doing and to keep it up! It was a nice conversation even though we waited 1-1/2 hours in the Doctor's Office to have it.


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