Jaden Reviews 'Pinapple Express'

Please don't be alarmed at the fact that we take Jaden to every movie with us. We have had to do this over the last 3-1/2 years so that we could see movies like "normal" people. We don't have any baby sitters because we have no relatives that live close by and we haven't really found anyone we trust implicitly. My husband, being a HUGE movie buff, refused to give up his love of going to the movies just because we had a new baby. With that being said, Jaden's first movie was "Fantastic 4" and he apparently loved it. (I didn't go, nor do I know how much a 5 month old can really love a movie). My husband realized early on that not only did Jaden sit through movies like a trooper, he actually started to enjoy them as he got a bit older. Some might say that movies are too loud for little ears, which is what I thought, but his hearing is perfect so far. We've become accustomed to the mean looks, strange glances and angry whispering that accompanies almost every trip to the movie. We just smile politely at those judgemental types, and go to our seats with confidence knowing that our son is different. He not only sits through movies, he follows them, enjoys them and laughs at all the right parts. We've actually had people apologize at the end of a movie remarking that they never would have thought a baby could be so good in a movie. Jaden never falls asleep either, he watches intently. That's just how we roll, I guess.


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