Kids With Down Syndrome Can Read Early!

Just thought I would update on Jaden's reading progress. It's quite phenominal how well Jaden is catching on to reading, especially at this young age. (he turns 4 in December)
We go on the website, and do the Alphabet. If you haven't been on this site, it's FANTASTIC! So great for all different learning levels, very visual and very fun. He LOVES it, plus he's getting really good with the mouse now. I can't believe how well he says all of the letters and sounds as well as repeats all of the words. His enunciation is almost perfect. He says his L's, S's, T's, R's etc. Like "Umbrella, Lyla, Horse". He now can sight read some words without picture prompts. I do alphabet picture cards, word cards, books and the computer with him every day. Children with Down Syndrome are visual learners and this is actually a great gift, not a disability what so ever. In fact, they are able to see it, learn it and remember it very easily, especially if it's stimulating to them. I am amazed at Jaden's ability to imitate and do tricks on command, he's always been good at this. When he was 6 months old I taught him to touch parts of his face just by watching me do it, and by repetition. I would say "Touch your mouth, eyes, nose" etc. and he would do it. No one could believe his talent for learning so quickly and remembering. He's been doing tricks for me every since, as you probably see in the video's!

As he gets older now, these skills just manifest more and more frequently. 2 days ago when I picked him up from school the teacher couldn't wait to tell me how he'd named all of his colors on the color blocks! Yesterday another teacher was working with him on the computer and could not wait to tell me how many letters he knew and how many words! She said "He's Reading! He's just amazing!"

I know that Jaden is doing well, however I really believe his abilities are all of our kids abilities. When we tap into "how" our child learns, we are able to customize their learning. He didn't know the word for "tree" the other day when I showed him the picture so instead he said, "outside, bird". So creative, don't you think!? Also, when he saw a girl making a face at him in a restaurant a few days ago, he just watched her as she was being silly. She was sticking her fingers in the outside corners of her mouth and stretching her lips apart. He just watched, but didn't imitate it back to her. A half hour later when the girl was leaving with her mom, they walked by us and Jaden looked up at us, stuck his fingers in the corners of his mouth and peeled his lips apart. He wasn't doing this at the girl though, he was showing us who this girl was and reminding us of what she was doing earlier. He didn't know her name, so this is how he identified her. So smart, so smart, our little guy. He misses nothing!


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