Getting The Hang Of Potty Training

Well we are completely ecstatic to announce some big news with Jaden. He's been adapting fabulously at his new school, and he absolutely loves it! His Teachers are AMAZING and so loving! There are never less than 4 teachers for all 12 children. It's such a beautiful environment for him. The teachers can tell us everything he does from the minute he arrives until the minute we pick him up. They give us every detail of his day and are always so proud of him. Usually they have pictures of video of him with the other kids throughout the day. They are constantly emphasizing how he is just like all the other kids and is fitting in beautifully. He follows along with all of the activities and plays very well with the other children. The most exciting thing to report is on his potty training. His teachers can not believe that after only 2 weeks he is going to pee pee on the potty! They bring the kids to the potty throughout the day and said that Jaden is now peeing almost every time they bring him. So, we had to step up our game at home and start being consistent. Jaden has been going on the potty at home for over 6 months, it's just we haven't been consistent. He knows exactly what he's doing when we say "poo poo" or "pee pee", and he even says the words now.
The teachers told us to get on it with him at home, so we have. And wouldn't you know, it's working! We take him 5 minutes after he eats and ask him if he has to go "pee, pee", he says "yes" so we take him to the potty and he waits until his pants are down, then goes on the potty! Then we ask him if he has to go "poo poo", and he'll say "yes" or "no" or "all done". If he says "yes", he then will go poo poo on the potty! The "poo" thing is pretty easy too because he is pretty "regular" with his schedule, morning and night. This is sooo exciting! The thing that I'm most proud of is that he knows how to hold it, and he knows exactly what he's doing. Also, he likes being in control of going to the bathroom because he's really tired of his diapers. We bought him "pull ups" but won't start with those for a few more weeks. We could kick ourselves for not being this consistent many months ago, because honestly, he's been ready for this for at least 6 to 8 months! I honestly didn't know that you were supposed to take them 5 minutes after every meal and after they wake up and before they go to bed. Lyla never potty trained like this, she just "got it" over night, so to speak. We have the potty seat that goes on the toilet and the portable potty to catch him quicker. Most importantly, he's excited!


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