Big Blogging Loser

Hi everyone, if in fact there is anyone even reading this blog anymore. I have so many new things I am still planning on adding to this blog that I haven't had a chance to do ever since I lost the last template. Like the story of how we learned about Jaden having DS and more links to websites that I find incredibly helpful. I have been so entrenched in getting my new business going, and have been barely able to do much else.

My new website is completely devoted to bringing researched, reviewed and recommended products to people who might not have a chance to find these products where they live. For FREE. Nothing is for sale. The reason I am doing this is to get environmentally proactive companies the exposure they deserve, and to bring them to an audience that they wouldn't normally reach. The Companies are willing to give products away for free, in order to introduce you to them! I have so many companies getting involved and many more products to introduce in the next week or so.
Jaden is doing wonderfully at school and is doing everything his "typical" friends are doing. The teacher's are just so proud of him and tell us every day how there is no difference between Jaden and the other kids. We really hit the jackpot with this school, we are so grateful. He's also doing great with the potty training and will no longer "pee" sitting down! He only wants to stand up, it's very funny. As for a petition update, we are up to 758 signatures, but have sort of stalled. Look, I'll take it! 758, is better than 757 or none! The Petition will be turned in within the next few weeks to all of our Senators, the NDSS and the NDSC. If you know anyone that may want to sign it still, please pass it on! I know we are all so busy and often overwhelmed, and it's easy to forget about certain issues. I just want you to know, I haven't forgotten about the Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act!


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