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Hey everybody, if you're still out there that is! I've been a bad "blogger" due to the fact that I've been on the computer upwards of 10 hours a day building my new website! Thank goodness my gorgeous husband helps me as much as he does! This is truly the most exciting thing I've done in quite a while! I'm finally officially ready to launch
Your Healthiest Life!

I have been getting everything together for over 3 weeks now, and it's taken up all of my time.
I have 7 TOTALLY FREE, All Natural, Environmentally Friendly, Organic products to give you this week! I plan on having at least this many different products to give away each week. I really want to spread awareness to everyone on just how easy it is to switch from "toxic" products to "healthy" products. Many people, because of where they live, don't have access to so many healthy products, Your Healthiest Life, is a place where everyone can read and win products from amazing companies that want you to try them!

This week, I have an amazing product many of you might be interested in. It's called Nutrivene D, the multi vitamin supplement I have been giving Jaden since he was 3 months old. This company is on the forefront of nutritional supplementation and is always ahead of the curve as far as research goes. They actually formed a research team called The Trisomy 21 Research Foundation which continues to research, evaluate and test formulations specifically for our children with Down Syndrome! Studies keep showing that children/babies who are given supplements actually grow taller, have less hearing and vision problems and tend to be healthier overall, than those not given supplements. Jaden is a perfect example of this. He is average height and weight for a 2-1/2 year old, his vision is perfect, he's very healthy, has no digestive problems, etc. I really attribute this to the supplements. I strongly advocate Nutritional Intervention, especially when you educate yourself as to why and what to do. Nutrivene D is formulated by Doctor's and Pharmacists who have been studying the physiology and metabolisms of children with Down Syndrome for years. Our children have different metabolisms and different ways of absorbing nutrients. Anyway, you can read all about Nutritional Intervention, HERE. I have 12 bottles, (Full size), of different supplements to give away! I would definitely stop by and enter to win!

If you subscribe to the feed burner on the right of the home page, you will get updates on all of the products I am giving away. All you have to do is answer ALL of the questions completely in the entry form, and you can win! The more complete and informative the answers are, the better your chances of winning are. There is no limit to how many products you can win or how often! There is no catch and nothing to buy. This is just straight up marketing from companies that would love for you to try their products. These are all FULL Size Products also! No Samples!
Hope to see you all there!


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