Thank You!

Wow! Something happened with the Petition in the last few days! 30 Signatures in 1 day, which is a significant difference from the halted count it was at for several weeks! Thank you! I just want everyone to remember that The Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act is going to change so much for all of the expecting parents out there, frightened, alone, isolated and still receiving negative, outdated, inaccurate information regarding the prenatal diagnosis they are receiving. This BILL will help change everything for all of these parents so that they don't have to keep facing Doctors who don't offer support and positive information! Think about all of the new parents having to face information that is scaring them into terminating. Please take a few minutes to read all about this Bill and what it means. This Petition is going to be VERY effective and influential in getting across to all of our politicians just how important this is for all of us. If you have time, go to to the petition and read all of the comments. These comments are very emotional and powerful firsthand testimonials explaining just how failing the prenatal community is at offering support for expecting parents who receive a diagnosis.


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