Is Curcumin A Breakthrough Treatment For Down Syndrome?

I have great news. We are going to be starting Jaden on Curcumin as soon as it arrives in the mail, hopefully this Friday. We will be doing updates on everything we notice as far as improvements in speech and/or cognition. I wanted to post a first hand account from an extraordinary young lady who's younger brother, Oisiyyah has Down Syndrome. She has taken on the role of activist, author, researcher and teacher for not only her brother but many other parent's and is truly an inspiration in all that she does. She has also written a book called, Down Syndrome: What you CAN Do, available at She, along with many other parent's has been witnessing first hand the amazing changes taking place in her younger brother. Please read below to hear what she has to say.

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Qadoshyah Fish
Longvida Curcumin – Our experience with Osiyyah

New research regarding Down syndrome is always going around the web. Sometimes the research is very in-depth and I may not have the time at that exact moment to research that particular subject, so it’ll go in my “Research to look at” folder. But, when I was approached with information about Longvida Curcumin back in April of this year (’09), I jumped into the research mode. The small bit of information I was presented with initially and asked to look at further looked so promising, I had to know more about Longvida Curcumin.

It only took about two days of research before I was completely convinced that Longvida Curcumin was something that showed a lot of promise for individuals with Down syndrome.

Over the years, I had researched Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric and found it to have many benefits. But, there was a problem as to how it could be adequately absorbed into the body, especially the brain, where it is needed most.

For several years we gave my brother, Osiyyah, Turmeric in hopes that it would be beneficial to him. We never noticed any changes, so who knows if it was actually helping him or not.

Curcumin has many benefits: Preventing amyloid plaque build-up, breaking up amyloid plaques & tangles, reducing inflammation & oxidative stress, causing neurogenesis & synaptogenesis, increasing glutathione levels, anti-cancer and so much more.

We started giving Osiyyah Longvida Curcumin the first part of May. As usual, we started with a small dose and slowly increased the dosage over the course of a week. For the first week we were at 500mgs/day, then went to 1000mgs/day for 8 weeks. At the 8 week mark we increased to 1500mgs/day and after a week of that we went to 2000mgs/day. That is the dosage we have been on since July.

About 2 weeks into Osiyyah taking Longvida, we started noticing changes. To put this in perspective, we were *not* expecting to see any results or changes for several weeks (I had 8 weeks in my mind), since for some things, it may take awhile to see any results. But, the changes we started seeing were not just coincidence. They were HUGE changes. Changes I would’ve never expected. Changes that weren’t happening before Longvida.

What were those changes? Those changes all involved Osiyyah’s speech. Osiyyah is 4 ½ years old and his speech is *very* delayed for his age. Osiyyah started saying new words very frequently . . . every day he would have a new word or 5 new words! He copied everything we’d say and repeat the words we said.

Within a couple more weeks, Osiyyah started using two word sentences very regularly. And he also continued to say new words and KEEP saying those new words. It wasn’t just a one-time coincidence.

As the weeks went on, we continued to notice MASSIVE changes. Osiyyah’s speech was picking up so much and so quickly, it was amazing.

He started using several word sentences on a consistent basis and has not stopped. These changes weren’t a one-time thing, they are changes that have occurred and continue. One of my favorite sentences he says is “Whole Bunch” – the way he says it is just too cute!

As we are about 5 months into giving Longvida Curcumin now, we have continued to see progress. I’d call the changes we have seen over the past few weeks, “deeper progress.” Osiyyah asks questions all the time, like “Why?”, “Who?”, “What?” & his newest one as of today “Do?”. As in “Why are we doing this?”, “Who’s is this?”, “What do you want?” or “What are you doing?” or “What can I do?”.

It’s very neat and exciting to see Osiyyah being so much more interactive and understanding in everything :)!

For more details of the changes we’ve seen, they can be seen at our blog -


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Can't wait to see how things go! I'll have to be sure to check back for updates.

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