What About An 800 Number For Support?

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So, I got this idea last night. I was watching on the News a Group called "TAPS" that some mothers had formed because they had lost their husbands in Iraq, and they were looking for support and comfort for the children and themselves. In seeking out this comfort, A group was slowly formed to offer support to grieving widows and their families. They put up a website, an 800 number, and BAM, you have a full fledged support network completely up and running due to a need. Now there are camps for the kids to attend who can relate to eachother because they have all lost their fathers, and the Moms get the obvious comfort and support from eachother. WOW.
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So then I thought, is there anything even remotely like this for women who have new babies with Down Syndrome or who have just found out their baby will have Down Syndrome? Well, there is the Big Organization National Down Syndrome Society, but they are not a "parent" organization per-sey. Then there is the National Down Syndrome Congress, which is a Parent Organazation, however not Quite What I'm thinking of. These Organizations are Fantastic in their Own Ways, but I don't think they are Manning the Phones 24/7 to offer constant support to shocked parents. I know they offer support, information and tons of resources, but I'm thinking of something a little different.

Imagine if there was an 800 number for Every Single Woman who just found out about a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome, and they were given this number to call right then and there. They could know that there was an Educated Parent there to answer as many questions as they had, and to offer all of the support and resources possible. This parent answering the calls would also be up to date on all of the latest Research, Advances and anything else regarding Down Syndrome. Then the expecting mom/parents could know that in the privacy of their home they could ask all the questions they wanted, and the person answering the questions, would be another parent gently explaining, facts, information, and even if asked, their own personal experiences. Can you imagine how powerful this could be? Imagine a National Database, where we could have access to all the 5000+ parents who give birth to babies with Down Syndrome in the U.S. each year so we could make sure every single one of these parents at least receives the Proper Information and Support. Imagine if this 800 Number was avaiable at Every Doctors Office and Hospital. How simple and easy. How Un-Intimidating that would be. And, at the other end of every phone call would be an Educated Parent willing to share as much time as the person needed to give information accurately and positively.
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Don't you think this would be amazing. Can you believe, that My son's Pediatrician, who's in a HUGE Practice with 15 or more locations and Tons of Doctors, had never even heard of the Local Down Syndrome Support Group in South Florida!? That means that every new baby he sees, never receives information from him or his office from the Local Support Group! Even though he said they have over 25 kids with Down Syndrome in his office?! That means, our local support group is only reaching a Fraction of the Babies/Kids with Down Syndrome born each year. This is because there is such a discrepency between who gives out the information, where it's located, who delivers the news, etc. But....Imagine One Simple 800 Number, where a Soothing, Reasurring Voice on the other end could Answer Any question the new parent/s may have, and at least lead you in the Right Direction Immediately without any confusion!? This has to be done! What do you think?


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