Video Stories For Expecting Parents

So, in re-doing all of my websites and blogs, I have realized that one of the best projects I ever started, was sitting, unattended and ignored.

Video Stories For Expecting Parents, is a blog I started about 18 months ago with one intention, to offer positive reassurance and hope for any new parents out there who may have just received a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis. We all know, once we've gotten to know and love our children just how deep and profound our love is. But to be on the other side, the side that is looking for hope, encouragement and any sign that your unborn or new born baby will be ok, well, it's scary to say the least. All you need to do is go to my petition and click on the 'signatures' and start reading all of the different stories. You quickly see that so many parents, every day are still left with doubt, fear and guilt wondering if they should even be bringing a potentially 'disabled' baby into the world. This thinking is brought on by the prenatal medical community, parenting magazines and pregnancy magazines which all fail to support the special needs community at all. For this is a community so large, so vast and so proud that our voices really need to be heard!

I have received dozens of phone calls over the years from parents who have just received a diagnosis, still scared and unsure, just wanting to hear everything is ok. You always wish, at that moment, that you can reach through the phone, hold the person's hand and let them inside your heart and head for just a moment. They will then have no doubt of their ability to love unconditionally their unborn or new born baby. It's something you realize once you get to the 'other side'. If you have a video of your child that you want to share, or know someone with one, please email me a link to the video and I'll upload it to the site! More videos are needed! Check it out, but have some tissues handy!

As always, I love hearing from you! I read every single email! If you want a response back, include your email when you leave a comment on the blog.


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