Today - Teeth

Well, Jaden's Been Suffering with a Runny Nose for about a month now. No Fever, no Infection, No anything else really, just the runny nose. I'm getting really sick of using that Blue Nose Bulb to suck it out! He's getting the last of his baby teeth in and has consistently gotten like this everytime the teeth are coming in! Which is a great thing to talk about actually. Kids with Down Syndrome are Known for having teeth which can come in out of order, crooked, mis-shapen and jaggedy, and very late. All of these things can occur together, or none at all, but it's likely your little one will end up in one of these categories. Jaden has avoided most of the teething pitfalls, except for that the process seems to reap havok on his sinuses/mucous production.

We've had Jaden on Nutritional Intervention since he was 3 months old, and this is probably the best thing we could be doing for him, as far as his health goes. There are Thousands of Parents all over the World using Proper Supplements, diet, and other treatments to encourage the healthiest, most vibrant life for their child with Down Syndrome. Call it a Coincidence if you like, but Jaden has avoided so many of the Common Immune system problems associated with an extra 21st chromosme. I will go into all of these things later. I don't want to jam everything into one day's entry. After all, I'm trying to keep up writing daily. We also have Jaden on Ginko Biloba, which may sound controversial to some reading this, but more and more parents are using this as therapy for their children. Since Short-Term Memory is a significant problem with our kids because of the area of the brain that is affected, Ginko Biloba seems to show promising results without any side affects. From before we started it, to after we started it, the results were astonishing! This is what the parents are saying also. Many of the treatments currently being tested on Alzheimer's, are also going to be tested on Down Syndrome because of the similarities between the two Diagnosis'. I'll get into this later also. This is part of what they are testing at Stanford right now. They have a whole Research Center set up just for researching and treating Down Syndrome.

If you're wondering why we have a swingset in our living room, it's because Jaden's Grandparents bought him one for Christmas and we didn't have a mat to put it outside. Well it's outside now! I will say, it looks better out there.


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