Please Keep Signing The Petition

I heard back from Senator Brownback's Office yesterday, and they are VERY supportive of what We are doing! Please, keep passing on the Petition, it matters! Send it to everyone you know! I have some exciting things that I am going to keep doing to get the word out about this issue. You can all contact your State Senator's Offices to let them know that you want the Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act Passed! The more Senators on board, the better. Senator Brownback, wants to get this Bill Passed! I have some fantastic ideas about things we can do, where we live, to really make a difference! I am off to do a Jewelry Show now, I'll check back later this afternoon. We're almost up to 100 signatures! Let's turn that into 1,000 signatures! This is not a Pro-Choice or Pro-Life issue, this is an Issue about Education and Not Withholding Information!


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