My Petition

UPDATE!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for Signing. KEEP SIGNING, KEEP PASSING THIS ON! UP TO 68 SIGNATURES AS OF 7PM EASTERN, Pass this on to Every Parent You Know! Senator Brownback's Office Called me back today. They informed me that they are aware of my Blog, took my information and are looking forward to receiving this petition! They also stated that The Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act is a top Priority and Will Be Reintroduced very soon! Our Pressure Will Work. Please Sign This Official Petition For Changing The Way Doctors Deliver a Diagnosis to New and Expecting Parents. Go Here To Sign the Offical Petition.

Please Pass this On To Every Parent You Know who Is Concerned with the Issue of A Modern Day Eugenics Project. Together, We WILL change this System! WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Thank you.


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