Nutritional Intervention

I started reading about Nutritional Intervention shortly after Jaden was born. Through all of the researching I was doing on the Internet regarding Down Syndrome, I started coming across different studies and Doctors throughout the years who had tried an array of Vitamin Supplements to try and help the brain development and health of children with Down Syndrome. There have been several fascinating studies which easily convinced me that the least I could do for Jaden's immune system which seemed to be naturally less sturdy, was give him vitamins.
Here is one of MANY articles on Nutritional Intervention that I have. If you're interested in me forwarding you more, just let me know.
One of the best on explaining Targeted Nutritional Intervention.

At Stanford University, right now, they are doing a tremendous amount of research on the similarity between Alzheimer's and Down Syndrome. This is actually good news for us parents because they are realizing that many of the drugs that seem to be effective in treating Alzheimer's, are also effective in treating Down Syndrome. They have known this for quite some time, but research seems to be narrowing in on which treatments will work the best. Some argue that with this research comes the fact that we don't accept our children the way they are. I see it from the perspective that if there are effective treatments that are not harmful, that will help my child live a fulfilling, enriching life, I am the first in line to try them. Am I trying to make Jaden something that he isn't? No. Am I hoping that his brain will develop so that he can remember and comprehend and speak well? Yes. Does this mean that if he struggles in a few of these areas that I will be sad? No. I accept and love Jaden for all that he is. I am only excited at the possibility that maybe some things won't be a struggle if their become methods available to help him. I am very excited, like many parents for our children's future and possibilities. I truly think our kids are amongst the first few generations to live healthy, enriching lives where the world seems to embrace them with so much more acceptance and love. At least that's how we experience it with Jaden.

With this I bring excellent news. The Innovative Company, International Nutrition is going to be participating in the weekly Giveaway and is sending Jaden's Vitamins that has been taking since he was 3 months old, to try for FREE! A full size Jar! Value, $45.00! Everything I will be giving away is full size, by the way. I am not giving away samples and trial sizes, I am giving a way FULL SIZE Products. I will start the Giveaway with Nutrivene in 2 weeks. First I have the Crystal Stick, and then I have Osea Skin not to mention 15 more products on line!


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