New ENT, Better ENT

Nothing like a "Mad Doctor" to get everyone riled up! Thank you for all your supportive comments! It's really nice that all of you took the time to write such thoughtful sentiments. An Update is: My Husband went in person, in the middle of his work day to talk personally to the Extremely Rude, Condescending, Arrogant Office Manager and Doctor, only to find the office manager had coincidentally just left for the day and the Doctor was with a patient. So...Since no one would take the time to see or talk to my husband personally, he took it upon himself to let all the parents in the waiting room know what we had just gone through! He said that the parents were all shaking their heads in unison as if to say "We Understand exactly what you have gone through". There were so many people in the waiting room that they got nervous at the front desk and then the other Dr. came out and asked my husband to leave. My husband didn't leave until he was all finished saying what needed to be said!

I am very proud of him for doing this especially since I am the one who has a tendency to get more heated in these types of situations. We did find another Dr., the appt was set at April 3, but my husband called everyday, like they suggested, to see if there were any cancellations, and he got it moved up to March 23, then March 16 and as of today the new appt. is: March 9! So, it is amazing what happens when you put your mind to it, isn't it!? This new ENT is supposed to be very good, nice, professional, patient, etc.

Other Interesting News. My daughter goes to a very nice Private School here, and I can never let her eat at school because the school has a catering company deliver lunches everyday which are chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers and other crap that I try to keep her from eating. So, I pack her lunch. It would be nice to let her eat at school once in a while but it won't ever happen with that menu. I talked to the Head of her School last night( A very warm, bright woman), about several different things. At the end of our conversation we discussed the disgusting food they are providing for the kids and she said that it has been very difficult to find a place to deliver healthy lunches. If I knew of anyplace, please let her know. So, I went to my local Juice Place where they have healthy Wraps, Salads etc, everyday, and I talked to the owner, asked him about providing healthy lunches to her school everyday, and he said sure! So Hopefully this will all come together.

2 Movies I Highly Suggest Seeing: "The Secret", (I know I already suggested it), and "What The Bleep Do We Know". Fantastic Life-Changing, Inspirational movies! I watched Wayne Dyer on PBS last night, I can really see why he is so famous! What fantastic Words of Wisdom he has! Very Inspirational messages.


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