A Cool New Pair Of Shoes

I'm a complete dork with the videos, I know. However, you all seem to enjoy them! So it just gives me the Fuel I need to keep uploading them! I know they're poor quality, and I know they're shaky, and I know the volume is too loud, and I know I sound embarrassingly dorky, and I know they're taken on my Camera instead of our Brand New Video Camera, but hopefully you can overlook all of these things and enjoy them! I love the fact that so many of you have your babies/kids look at them too! It shows you how the Simple things make us all smile!

BTW, Here's an ENT update! We went to the Regular Pediatrician Monday and the Dr. said Jaden had an ear infection (His first official infection), so he prescribed amoxycillan. We started him on it Monday. Wednesday was our first visit with the new ENT, (45 minutes away), and it was a good visit. We liked him a lot and he made some things very clear to us that we hadn't understood before. First: Saline Drops consistently in the nose (3X a Day) will greatly help to reduce the size of the adenoids which contribute to fluid in the ears and difficulty breathing. Second: Nasonex (or any other steroid nasal spray) will greatly help reduce these other things in the nose that get swollen from congestion and hinder breathing (I forgot the name). Third: Jaden DOES NOT have an Ear infection, the Fluid in the Ear is Clear, but continue the antibiotics anyway since it's not good to stop in the middle of the course. Fourth: Jaden is not even close to being a candidate for Tubes in the Ears or anything other type of surgery, yet, because he hasn't had any ear infections yet and a little fluid in the ears does not constitute tubes. So...he said, let's take one step at a time and see how everything works with the Saline Drops and Nasonex. Then..we'll do a hearing test (kids will usually fail the hearing test with fluid in their ears, even though they hear relatively fine), then if we need to, a sleep study to see how well he's breathing at night.


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