Gluten Free, Ginkgo Biloba & Down Syndrome

Jaden at his Hour Long Art Class! Once A Week He Goes. He LOVES it!

I'm so pleased with all the response and inquiries from my Gingko/Supplement Post. Thank you for taking the time to comment and ask questions. I would just like to say, that anyone who has any questions or wants any further information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and ask. In my opinion, The use of Ginkgo Biloba is one of the biggest, if not The Biggest breakthroughs in helping cognitive development in DS, since the introduction of Early Intervention Services! It is helping so many kids that I urge any of you parents to start reading about all of the research with Ginkgo and DS, and to also research the use of Ginkgo Biloba in General, and how it works on the Brain.

Also, I've been reading more and more about the link between Gluten Intolerance, and kids with Chromosomal/Neurological Issues. As we commonly know now, most kids with "Diagnoses" also Coincidentally or Not, have Major Food Allergies and Intolerance's. Because 2/3 of our Immune System is Located inside the Digestive Tract, it is fascinating that they are now figuring out what Nutritionists and Holistic Practitioners have known for years, which is that Our Body and Brain Chemistry is completely a result of What we Ingest! And, if you add in an already Sensitive System, pre-disposed to Mal-absorption issues and Digestive Issues, you have a recipe for disaster! The more I have read and learned, the more I am realizing that we are going to slowly have to take Gluten out of Jaden's diet, even though he has no Obvious Digestive Issues Now, from everything I've read of experienced parents to Older Kids, they very often end up with some type of behavior issues as they get a little older. The minute the parents change the Diets to either Gluten Free or Specific Carb, the behavior issues completely go away! Once again stressing the Link between Brain Chemistry and food Allergies!

I find this fascinating! I don't look at any of this information as Over-Whelming or Daunting, I look at this as "Fantastic, Now we are Collectively becoming more aware of all the things to do to help our children Avoid certain Set Backs, or Issues, and we are now Armed with So much more Information to Help our Kids than Ever Before!" What an Exciting Time to Have our Kids, that's Really How I feel. I feel so blessed for Jaden in every imaginable way, but mostly because this is a Great time to be a parent because of the access we have to information, like never before! Peace!


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