ENT Update For Jaden

With Daddy at his Birthday Dinner

Smiling as usual!

I'll take the Wise Words from Jaden's Beloved Ocupational Therapist, "Don't wait until Jaden is 5 like I did with my Daughter, to get Tubes in the Ears and/or Adenoids removed. I wish I had done this 3 years ago. It's made a HUGE difference for her!" Our OT has a daughter with DS, and she had constant sinus infections for years and is now completely better since she had her adenoids & tonsils removed. We are more than excited that our new ENT is extremely proactive. We tried the Nasonex and Saline Spray for 2 weeks 3 times a day, and it did help his congestion a little, however he still struggles to breathe clearly at night. We took him back to the ENT last week and he said he still has fluid in the ears and has more than a 20% hearing loss right now due to the fluid.
The DR. said it's amazing he speaks as clearly as he does and that he responds to every sound the way he does, imagine how he'll do when the fluid is gone?! We couldn't agree more. So, he scheduled a Sleep Study for April 16th, where we'll determine the breathing dificulties at night. After the results, we'll see if we remove Adenoids and Tonsils or Just Adenoids when he puts tubes in the ears. I can't wait for tubes, because I know that once the Adenoids are gone, the fluid will stop staying in the ears also. So he'll probably only need the tubes for a matter of weeks! The Dr. also said that since Jaden's Tonsils are so tiny, that he doesn't forsee having to take them out. This is all Good News! I can't wait until this happens, because he's going to feel 100 times better! I'll keep you all posted!


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