Fellow Parent's, There's Hope!

Well after 1 very long year into potty training we have finally made a breakthrough! Any parent of a child with DS or even a "typical" child who is late with potty training will totally relate to our experience, I'm sure. Jaden, who has blown away so many stereotypes since arriving in this world 3-1/2 years ago has had a tough go at potty training. For over a year now, he willingly would sit on the potty and do his business be it #1 or #2, but we always had to be the one to catch him or predict when it would be coming. As most busy, working, parents will know, this is NOT EASY!!! I have read the books, received the brochures and will readily admit it is totally our fault that Jaden isn't fully trained by now, however we just haven't been able to devote 2 steady weeks to charting, diagramming, documenting and writing everything he's drank, when, where, how, with timers etc. It's definitely made me feel like a bit of a failure. My own sister-in-law who works solely with autistic children has told me 100 times, all kids can be trained in a week, as long as you stick to the plan. Well, we haven't been able to stick to any plan. And now, with summer looming in, and Jaden not being able to return to his beloved preschool and advance to the next age group until he's potty trained, I was starting to get a bit anxious and desperate. Just the thought of Jaden being in diapers much longer is very depressing to me, because I know he's ready.

Somebody must have heard my cries, because just this week, on a consistent basis, Jaden has been coming up to me and saying "Mommy, pee pee" while grabbing his pullups and trying to pull them down. So I, dutifully have been running him into the bathroom, putting him on the toilet, praising him, making him laugh, etc. and low and behold he goes! Then he flushes, washes his hands and turns out the bathroom lights, all things he loves to do. He has been initiating this at least 3 times a day now, which isn't every time he goes, however it's always for poop, and sometimes for pee! I can't tell you how ecstatic I am. I really think the pull ups have made a difference, because I think they're much more uncomfortable for him, and he wants them off as soon as they're wet. He has been going off into another room by himself FOREVER to go potty in his diapers, or even creeping into the bathroom but still going in his diapers, but not anymore! So many stereotypes with DS, but many of our kids can be trained within a typical time frame, and Jaden is truly proof of this! If I can get it done with him, anyone can, trust me! Good luck all you parents out there struggling with this, I totally understand how you feel, and it will happen, hang in there.


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