101 Things Jaden Can Do at 3-1/2!

Jaden is now 3-1/2 years old and I thought it was due time to document all of the things that Jaden CAN do, and do well. I thought I would start with 50 but I had to go to 101, just to throw that extra in.
So here we go.

  1. Ride His Bike
  2. Run Really Fast
  3. Talk A Lot (2 & 3 Word Sentences with Long sentences harder to understand)
  4. Laugh
  5. Box
  6. Wrestle
  7. Sing
  8. Pretend Play
  9. Throw A Ball Really Far
  10. Throw A Ball With Great Aim
  11. Hit A Ball with A Bat
  12. Catch A Ball
  13. Drives His Motorized Car
  14. Break Dance on Command
  15. Recognize Most of The Alphabet
  16. Sight Read Over 20 Words
  17. Defiantly Not Listen
  18. Do Things To get Attention
  19. Give Hugs & Kisses
  20. Hit His Sister
  21. Play for Hours with His Sister
  22. Memorize Songs On TV
  23. Memorize Lines From Shows on TV
  24. Memorize Shows Coming Next on TV
  25. Act Out Everything He Sees Like a Mime
  26. Communicates Very Effectively even When Words are Lacking
  27. Turns On & Off the TV
  28. Works on the Computer
  29. Takes his Shoes On and Off
  30. Brushes his Teeth
  31. Bruses His Hair
  32. Puts Lotion On
  33. Puts His Shorts On & Off
  34. Goes Poop & Pee on the Potty
  35. Puts His Trash in the Garbage
  36. Cleans Up After Himself
  37. Puts Dishes in the Sink
  38. Feeds Himself perfectly with Spoon & Fork
  39. Drinks from regular cups, water bottles and straws
  40. Imitates everything he sees
  41. Tries to do everything for a laugh or attention
  42. Makes sure you are listening to him
  43. Has a great sense of humor
  44. Great Dancer
  45. Has Great Rythm
  46. Plays the Drums
  47. Plays the Piano
  48. Eats Everything given to him
  49. Blows on food when it's hot
  50. Spits out food when its too spicy
  51. Turns on the radio
  52. Loves to fart then laugh
  53. Farts and burps and laughs on command
  54. Says funny words on command
  55. Loves to read
  56. Loves to repeat
  57. Loves to please
  58. Loves to rebel
  59. Loves to pet dogs
  60. Loves to help mommy & daddy
  61. Loves going places & doing things
  62. Blows kisses and waves to everyone that smiles at him
  63. Gets attention everywhere he goes
  64. Hams it up for everyone who gives him attention
  65. Winks at girls
  66. Tries to steal things from stores
  67. Loves to try on shoes
  68. Loves to try on clothes
  69. Loves to count to 10
  70. Sings the alphabet
  71. Sings Wheels on the Bus
  72. Sings Itsy Bitsy Spider
  73. Sings Row Row Row Your Boat
  74. Walks on the balance beam
  75. Does Sommer Saults
  76. Does Flips
  77. Does pull ups on the bar
  78. Does Push Ups
  79. Does Sit Ups
  80. Names All of His Body Parts
  81. Colors
  82. Buttons & Unbuttons
  83. Does Puzzles
  84. Plays with his trucks
  85. Plays with other children
  86. Goes up and down the slide
  87. Plays on the Swing
  88. Can't go fast enough or high enough
  90. Comes into our room in the middle of the night
  91. Throws when mad
  92. Cries when hurt or sad
  93. Puts on and takes off shirt
  94. Puts on and takes of socks
  95. Follows his sister everywhere
  96. Makes everyone laugh
  97. Talks to the TV
  98. Runs up & Down The Stairs
  99. Gets Things when asked
  100. Swims
  101. Knows where we are when we're in the car driving!


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