Where Has Jaden Been?

Well, he's been in school and busy with his life! It's been a while...I seem to say that every time I post something new. Must be guilt. Progress is definitely being made. Jaden knows the ENTIRE alphabet and is beginning to sight read. We just bought the program Your Baby Can Read, and I'll keep you posted on how it works. Jaden is now 4 and 4 months. He has known the sign language alphabet for a VERY long time now. He has known the written alphabet for a good 5 months, but started showing us he recognized letters over 1 year ago. So now we've moved onto words. I know that there are children with Down Syndrome who can read much earlier than this as well and I would love to hear from these parents. It's always good to hear the success other parents have and to find out what programs they have used. It's been hard to get Jaden on Video doing his letters because he's become a little rebellious when asked to do things now, go figure. This is the best I could get for now and I promise to upload a more entertaining video next!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great work Jaden!

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