Is Curcumin A Possible Wonder Drug?

Curcumin, which comes from Tumeric. just may be the natural remedy researchers have long been waiting for! Currently it is being studied to help treat everything from AIDS and Alzheimer's to Cancer. So far, most studies look very promising and there have been very few negative side effects reported. UCLA is currently doing a long term study using Curcumin to treat Alzheimer's patients and so far the results have Scientists very optimistic. Here is a little background on Curcumin and why it is so beneficial. But before you run to your local Health Food store and ask for Curcumin, you need to understand that most commercially available curcumin is not Bio-Available, meaning it doesn't really absorb well or stay in the blood stream. It's taken researchers quite a bit of time to get the right formula down, so that it can actually be a bio-available treatment which crosses the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) Because my son has Down Syndrome, we closely follow new research on any natural product that reduces inflammation and plaque build up, especially since Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease share many similar characteristics. In fact, it is now shown that most people with Down Syndrome will inevitably develop Alzheimer's Disease.

The benefits of taking curcumin daily, the active component of the spice turmeric, may be many or none, depending on the supplement. Many of the curcumin benefits have to do with the prevention of chronic and life threatening diseases that are often related to aging


But, in order to provide this preventative benefit, it must be able to get to your bloodstream. Researchers have found that eating turmeric or taking a supplement by mouth does not significantly increase curcumin-levels in the blood. Digestive acids have a damaging effect that basically renders it useless for anything other than stomach complaints.

In order to get the long-term health benefits of taking curcumin daily, a supplement must include an enteric coating. The standard veggie-caps used by most supplement manufacturers don't work.

After scientists had done some of the research concerning the curcumin benefits as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents, they looked at how well the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream. The measured blood serum levels after volunteers had taken very large amounts, up to 10 grams, and found that concentration was very low.

This is seen with other nutrients, as well. An enteric coating is necessary to allow the nutrients to make it through the stomach, undamaged. Once in the upper intestine, the nutrients can pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.

The curcumin benefits that you will see listed on a standard supplement are based on laboratory studies using cell cultures and animal models. In order to provide the benefit, the nutrient must be able to interact directly with the cells. This will only happen if it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The same is true of resveratrol and other anti-cancer nutrients.

Assuming that the supplement is properly designed, the benefits of taking curcumin daily may include lower cholesterol, a healthier circulatory system and improved mental clarity. It may be beneficial for relieving stress, depression and anxiety, as it has been shown to increase concentrations of one of the brain's proteins. Called BDNF, low levels of this protein are associated with those conditions, as well as decreased mental clarity.

The Health Benefits of Curcumin The Health Benefits of Curcumin fnldwn This article discusses the potential health benefits associated with Curcumin. It shows the effects Curcumin has on cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and other diseases. It additionally talks about Curcumin's properties as an antioxidant.


krishna1982 said...

yes curcumin is a wonderful drug, but the biggest problem is its bioavailability.

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