Sign Language With Jaden

It's been a while, but for good reason. I just got done opening up a store (5th one) and am deep in the throws of marketing and promoting. It's been about 5 years since my last store and I am so excited to be back in the mix again. This time though, I have a partner and it is making such a huge difference. Anyway, so much to update with Jaden.

We've been teaching him sign language again, because it seems to really help him with his speech. Jaden has always been a great talker and about 2 years ago, we started teaching him signs. But, we found that because he was picking up the signs so easily, we were afraid he wouldn't go on to say the words because enunciating words was much more difficult for him at the time. I told his speech therapist at the time about how quickly he was picking up on the signs, and he seemed to learn faster than anything else we had teached him. She suggested holding off on the signs until he could get his speech enunciation better. So, we did. Well, I started doing the signs again with Jaden about a month ago because now he is speaking in 3 and 4 words clearly and also speaking in sentences (not always so clearly). So we do a sign, say the word and make him do the same. What a difference 2 years makes! He is amazing at the signs, and not only learns and remembers up to 10 new signs a day, he loves doing them. He gets so excited to show you the signs and say the words. It only took him about 4 days to learn the whole alphabet and all of the other signs are a piece of cake for him. It must be the combination of doing, saying and acting out the words that really reinforces everything for him.

So, if you're like me and are waiting for sign language, I can only say this. Don't wait! I wish I hadn't stopped 2 years ago. I can't even imagine how much more advanced his vocabulary may have been had we kept going with the sign language. Plus, the whole family loves doing it! Everyone gets involved and it's very fun. Here's a video of him doing a few signs.


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